Cum Filled Getaway

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  • 08-31-2016
  • 51:38 min
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Categories: Amateur, Oral, Creampie, Cum swallow, Brunette, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Ass Play, Athletic, Big Muscles

For vacationing lovers Scotty Zee and Gabriel Cross, a weekend getaway at a remote vineyard B&B is just what the doctor ordered to cure them of their city restlessness, and once they arrive at the grounds, they discover an even more enchanting layout than they anticipated. Strolling the property, they remark how large the estate is, and simultaneously realize they are all alone at the resort, so Scotty asks Gabriel if he's into a little skinny dipping. Gabriel approves and after an intimate time at the pool, the two young lovers retreat back to their room. Gabriel pushes Scotty onto the bed and teases his hole with his cock, before laying Scotty out and going down on him. Scotty's cock grows long and hard as Gabriel deep throats him, tonguing his balls and working his way down to Scotty's ass. Scotty returns the favor to Gabriel and he gets rock hard and ready to fuck, bending Scotty over and plunging his tongue deep in Scotty's hole, fingering it as he gives Scotty a smack on the cheeks. Scotty begs for Gabriel's cock and is not disappointed as Gabriel fills him up fast, pounding him as Scotty rides, his own hard cock slapping Gabriel's stomach as he grinds. Gabriel wants to feel Scotty's cock so they switch up, and Scotty fucks Gabriel doggy style as Gabriel instructs Scotty to fuck him harder. Scotty obliges as Gabriel twerks on his cock, and satisfied, they switch one more time as Gabriel fucks Scotty missionary. Scotty strokes his cock as Gabriel fucks hard, losing his load as Gabriel pulls out and breeds his hole, covering him cum as the sun begins to set for evening.


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This film was BLAZING. Loved it from start to finish!
2017-04-17 02:59
Could you please supply your models with LUBE and ask them to use it? All that spitting is not really particularly sexy and mostly off putting.
2017-02-13 19:49
A pity we did not actually SEE the skinny dipping in the pool...............................
Gabriel is a little hottie, more please of him.
2016-12-22 07:19
Again with the boyfriend shit...I'm done.
2016-12-15 19:46
very good chemistry !
2016-12-03 16:58
Scotty is fucking sexy as all hell!  Handsome, built, tall, fat long cock and big balls... super tasty bubble ass with a natural spray of light blonde hair!  Fucking incredible!  We need to see more of him. It was a perfect pairing with Gabriel, who is a smoldering beefy, fat, uncut cocked stud too.   Love his bubble ass and watching him get fucked raw.   One missed opportunity, was to have him suck and play with the hot foreskin of Gabriel's  fat, beautiful uncut cock.
2016-11-21 21:23
I will take one of each
2016-10-18 01:36
In the description it says that they spend an intimate time skinny dipping  -  however the film does not show any of this - Why?????  If not in the film why put it in the description!  I am a great fan of Gabriel so feel a bit cheated here.
2016-10-11 11:49
To my hot Gabriel you are such a gorgeous one.  I would luv to spend much time with u in my sack!!
2016-09-17 22:33
This is a really good video I enjoyed it because Gabriel Cross was the one in control NOT Scotty Zee. Often  in gay porn the bigger taller man is the dominant one BUT in this video Gabriel is clearly the one who is dominant. It is nice to see a smaller man take control and make the taller man his bitch. I really enjoyed the flip flop but I loved it when Gabriel is the top. I hope NDS considers making another video with these two they have good chemistry. And in the future NDS should consider hiring more smaller beefy guys who have Gabriel build. It is nice to see a smaller gay man in  control.
2016-09-14 01:52
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