Fuck Club

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  • 05-17-2017
  • 30:45 min
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Before Scotty Zee can join this club, he'll have to prove his assets. Ty Thomas and Dalton Briggs are intially skeptical of Scotty's merits and they intend on testing his limits. Scotty will have show a raw willingness to be a team player, as Ty and Dalton have their way with their new member. Dalton immediately eyes Scotty's ass and begins to work on his hole, as Ty sits on Scotty's face and smothers him with his cock. Dalton plunges his raw cock deep inside Scotty, who proves he can take even the biggest of cocks, but this wouldn't be a fuck club unless everyone gets involved, so the stand Scotty up as Ty joins the party, pounding Scotty from behind as Dalton also comes in from behind. After Scotty proves he's nasty enough, they throw him on the ground and finish him off, as Ty cums in Scotty's sweet hole, fingering him as he drips cum, while Dalton douses Scotty's face. Scotty finishes it off as he loses his load all over himself.

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Wasn't convinced ... seemed more like 3 boys got into the playroom while daddy was away.  Don't get me wrong, love Scotty, Ty and Dalton (still waiting for Dalton to give Ty a raw ride) and I'd love to see a few edgier scene from time-to-time, this just wasn't it.
2017-05-22 01:25
What is it that makes gay porn directors think that bad lighting and gay porn are a good combo? Newflash-they aren't.
2017-05-20 14:38
Good scene.  Scotty seemed to enjoy having a cock in each hole.  Now we need to see Ty bound and gang banged.
2017-05-19 21:11
Great scene! Love Ty Thomas.
2017-05-18 02:08
I like Scotty Zee and I like the camera positioning in the fucking scenes. But I found the two other guys Ty Thomas and Dalton Briggs ARE NOT MASCULINE ENOUGH to pull off  the S&M scenes. It was stupid of Next Door Studios to hire two skinny twinks to be the masters. It was laughable and pathetic to see those two feminine twinks try to pull of being MANLY AND MASCULINE. Where have all the masculine models gone? Someone like Derrick Dime, or Zane Porter would of been more appropriate for this scene. It is such a shame Next Door Studios segregates the raw section. A masculine black model would of been perfect for this scene. Or a masculine white model would of worked too. But two skinny effeminate twinks definitely killed the scene for me. There should of been a dominant, muscular, and MASCULINE MALE as the  top and dominant male in the video. Scotty zee is a good bottom and I find him attractive. But again, as I have said before these raw videos are too VANILLA in more ways than one. Raw section definitely needs more men of colour and I hope a black model is on the raw site this summer.
2017-05-17 19:01
so tres caliente und totally UberHot sizzlusciously fucktastic...this scene would make Cadinot jack off in his grave...danke dudes
2017-05-17 17:57
Those stupid logo underwear, as awful as ever.
2017-05-17 17:57
Not a big fan of BONDAGE, but I do like the premise of the Fuck Club. Unfortunately I don't find this scene as one of Rocco's better ones. It seemed rushed and inauthentic. Love the models for sex appeal, but I never got the sense that this was a real FUCK CLUB. There was no set up to the scene. No seduction or whatever. We are spoiled by the excellence of Rocco's blockbusters, but this video  falls woefully short in my opinion.
2017-05-17 12:34
I just want to be Dalton's bottom boy. What a stud!
2017-05-17 09:39
Wow, these are my favourite guys here at ND...just an amazing video!! Dalton, Scott and Ty are so beautiful -it's almost criminal :P  I also loved the fact that the video was around the 30 minute mark.  Seriously some of your videos nearly 50 minutes??  I mean, the guys are hot, but that's a little on the long side (no pun intended).  The only thing missing was the adorable Quentin... alas.
2017-05-17 03:59
Again with the BITCHING about the length of videos. Many of us like the longer videos. We are getting more for our money. The longer foreplay with blowjobs, rimming, kissing, and scene set up puts NDS above the rest. Stop griping about something that the majority find popular.
2017-05-17 12:15
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