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Amateur, Anal Sex, Ass Play, Ass to mouth, Athlete, Athletic, Backstage, Bald, Bareback, Big Dick

Body Type : Muscular

Body Hair : Shaved

Hair Color : Brown

Eye Color : Brown

Cock : 8

Height : 5'8"

Foreskin : Cut

Position : Versatile


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I actually LOVE the hair and the beard. If you want a guy with a "military" look or so, there's literally THOUSANDS of guys who look exactly the same in this website. I'm glad he's trying to find some individuality. Suits him well.
2019-05-30 17:02
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Yeah the beard and hair is a total turn off. I'm bored with him as a top. Would like to see him get fucked more, with the old perfect clean military look and raging stiff dick  hard when he gets fucked.
2019-05-12 01:47
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Mathias,  what happened to you,   you started as one of the most unique men on next door with a shy but strong side and full of energy.  You don't have to have a beard just because it is the current fad.   Beards look great on some,  not on others.  I don't like to criticize others expression of themselves,  but every scene it gets bushier and not cared for.  The way you started was you,  that's why you're ratings are so high.   You really looked like the NEXT DOOR neighbor we all fantasize about.  I am sorry,  the beard doesn't fit your face well.
2019-04-28 15:56
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OMG Loose the  beard !!!!!
2019-04-06 23:37
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What happened to him?  His beard looks trashy. Detracts from his looks
2019-03-13 13:28
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this unkempt beard looks horrible
2019-03-10 05:04
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Damn. Mathias is one hell of a hot man.
2018-10-15 01:52
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Matthias is a wonderful model; handsome, sexy, and terrific performances.
2018-10-07 20:28
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Mathias is a fucking god.
2018-08-09 23:50
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Love Mathias.  He is listed as versatile,  WHEN are we going to see proof of his bottom ability?
2018-07-27 09:32
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