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Quentin Gainz

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Amateur, Anal Sex, Ass Play, Athletic, Bareback, Big Dick, Blonde, Blowjob, Brunette, Caucasian

Body Type : Muscular

Body Hair : Smooth

Hair Color : Brown

Eye Color : Hazel

Cock : 6.5"

Height : 5'10"

Foreskin : Cut

Position : Versatile


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love the big cock
2019-01-09 01:23
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Almost perfection : just missing the chest hair  !!!!!!
2018-12-18 13:21
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<-------- Fuck here
2018-10-15 03:43
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I know he's handsome, but is there something about him that I do not like, what do you think that can be?
2018-09-12 04:15
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I just LOVE this man. His performance in gay porn is absolutely amazing!
2018-08-20 17:43
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He Quentin, in your new video I saw that you have a little hairy chest. Could you please show us more?? You are so sexy!!!
I totally agree and let the pubes grow out also!
2018-08-13 10:29
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Quentin has to be the all-time ...best ever gay porn model!    He's the Gold Standard of absolute perfection,  who never  disappoints, and continues to get hotter and sexier with every scene.  He's what this industry was meant to be about!  And definitely not those far, far too many totally worthless gay-for-pay models... who have absolutely no chemistry with any of their scene partners.  They are just are a group of beyond boring, unsexy and incredibly lazy guys...who do nothing other than lower the once great standards and brands of your  industry.  
Hope that you're paying Quentin, and the rest of your great model's like Markie, etc. a lot of money, as they deserve it... for keeping your existing members onboard, and playing a major role in getting so many others to join.
2018-07-12 22:09
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For me Quentin was the only reason to become member of NDS
2018-04-15 10:56
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Quentin always be the most sexy man in my point of view. Love always.
2018-03-24 17:57
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Great to see Quentn has a new video up, I've been watching the coming soon section and saying to myself, " be prepared to be disappointed"but not anymore.  He's the reason I joined NDS after seeing him on AD and the reason I've stayed a member to both.
2018-03-16 17:37
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