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Scott Finn

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Amateur, Anal Sex, Ass Play, Ass to mouth, Athlete, Athletic, Backstage, Bareback, Big Dick, Big Loads

Body Type : Slim

Body Hair : Smooth

Hair Color : Light brown

Eye Color : Hazel

Cock : 7

Height : 6'0"

Foreskin : Cut

Position : Versatile


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I I love the hair rite around his hole it tickles the cock in and out beautiful ass
2019-04-12 04:41
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Please set up a scene with Scott, Spencer Laval, and Luke Reed.  All three of them should top and bottom, and at least one of them should get DP'd by the other two.  The idea for the scene could be childhood best friends who are getting back together as adults, hanging out, and then start comparing dick sizes like they did when they were kids...and it turns into a bareback free for all.  Internal genuine cream pie in the ass or cum load swallowed for each of them.  Best scene of all time.
2019-02-28 13:52
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One of my favorites.
2018-11-09 21:43
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Scott is by far my favorite bottom on the site....more, more, more please!
2018-08-24 20:28
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Scott finn makes me so fucking horny:,,,,,,,, Wanna see him as a dominated top
2018-08-01 15:29
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Please get as many guys in Scott as possible!  I love ❤️ his slender beautiful body!  His ass is a work of art!
2018-07-06 12:42
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Scott's slated to star in a scene with sex-bomb Carter Woods. I can't wait! You can catch it live June 29th.- Martin
2018-05-30 11:46
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I love Scott! Definitely want to see more of him. Maybe him and Quentin?
2018-05-19 20:09
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I have always wondered why he has the shape of Switzerland tattooed on his thigh?! 
2018-05-19 18:45
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He might have Swiss heritage.
2019-02-16 23:35
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I do have a wet fantasy that the Open relationship series did have a fourth film with all four guys. Both Danny, Mark, Trevor and Scott. Where they enjoy each other in different positions.
2018-01-17 15:22
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