Breaking in Miles

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  • 04-11-2018
  • 43:28 min
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Categories: Amateur, Blonde, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Oral, Deep throat, Brunette, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick

First timer Miles Matthews is young and ready for exploration, and Princeton Price is just the cutie to show him the ropes. Miles cums a little almost as soon as Princeton deep throats him, and Princeton has to clean up the cum with his mouth before he can continue. When it's time for Miles to return the favor, Princeton can't believe it's Miles' first time. Boy sucks a dick like a natural, but what Princeton really wants to know is how he works it, so Princeton mounts him and takes a ride on young Miles' magic wand, grinding his ass all the way down to the base before bouncing up and down on it. Miles likes watching Princeton's ass bounce, but he'd prefer to be in control, so he flips Princeton over and fucks him from behind, working his long pole in and out of Princeton's raw hole. Princeton enjoys every moment of it as Miles gets closer and closer to cumming. He flips Princeton over again and spreads his legs, fucking him missionary as Princeton strokes himself off. He loses his load onto his stomach as Miles continues to fuck, pulling out a few moments later and blasting Princeton's hole with his first on screen nut.Enjoy!

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Nice scene with two adorable looking guys. Love the light here: pretty pale just according to the skin color of both models here. Princeton has a great body and so has Miles, although the latter is a little too twinkish for my taste with his totally smooth shaven pubes. He doesn't seem too get much into it all, which is a pity. He has a great potential and I would love to see him into more action. I see a new scene with Miles is about to get featured and I hope this sexy stud will be more involved in that one. Hope he will look less bored there. Time will learn.
2018-07-12 03:38
So what was shown in the thumbnail with Princeton getting fucked doggy style was actually nowhere to be found in the video?  Weird.
2018-04-20 06:52
what's up with the horrible lighting/ filter???????
2018-04-17 20:55
Two very two very hot guys for sure. Lovd the make out scene in the beginning. Miles, who is super cute by the way, just needs to get into it more. He really didn't look like he was enjoying himself.
2018-04-16 06:01
When Princeton had Miles on his back, legs high in the air and was rimming him, Princeton's rock hard cock was only @ a foot away from Miles' ready to be fucked virgin ass.  I was so hoping that Princeton would have just slid his dick up that 20 year old hot virgin ass.  Oh well, let's hope that hot twink ass gets plowed in his next scene.  Good scene, and Miles did suck some really good dick.
2018-04-15 23:03
Miles did well for first time. Love Princeton. Wish there was a little dialogue before the start. But overall enjoyed the scene
2018-04-13 20:34
It being Miles first time I think he did very well...Both models did very well...can't wait to see much more from both models.
2018-04-11 13:35
Yet another lump of wood masquerading as a porn actor. Luckily Princeton was there to save the scene.
2018-04-11 09:29
Best part of this video was the begining when Princeton was enjoying Miles body.......would have been nice if Princeton had been partnered with someone who reciprocated that action.
2018-04-11 08:06
Loved the precum .  A little more emotion from Miles would be nice.  That will come with time I hope.
2018-04-11 06:50
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