Celebrity Stalker

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  • 11-23-2016
  • 52:23 min
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Categories: Hardcore, Anal Sex, Oral, Brunette, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick, Uniform, Athletic, Rimming

For Christian Bay, it seems the trappings of celebrity are all around him. His manager has him booked on a bullshit tour and it seems like he can never get a moment's peace, which is definitely affecting his ability to write any new material.

When stranded motorist Scotty Zee knocks on is door to use the phone, Christian is noticeably distracted, and though Scotty recognizes him, he plays it cool and uses the phone for a ride, then leaves. But something tells Scotty to come back, so he does, surprising Christian in his living room. Christian is nervous that Scotty may be a stalker, but Scotty seems to understand Christian's position, and quickly deduces that Christian's main problem is that he has no release, no personal enjoyment.

Scotty puts his hands on Christian's shoulders and offers him a back-rub. Christian is pensive, but Scotty persists, making a pass at Christian as he rubs him down. Christian asks Scotty how he knew he was gay, and Scotty tells him he just decided to take a chance.

Luckily for Scotty, his chance pays off, as Christian turns from his piano bench and slowly kisses Scotty's body. It's been so long since Christian has been fucked properly, given that so few people in his camp know about his sexuality, and Scotty seems capable of pushing all the right buttons, so Christian leans over his bench and tells Scotty to fuck him hard.

Scotty obliges, plunging his raw cock deep inside Christian, holding him by the waist as he pounds away, then flipping him over and fucking him missionary on the bench. Scotty hits all the right notes, making Christian cum hard all over himself before pulling out and seeding Christian's hole.

Christian, cum covered and exhausted, changes his tune and his outlook. No doubt he'll be singing Scotty's praises on his next album.


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Do I have to dial anything?  Really?  You're in a house, not a hotel room
2017-03-14 23:12
Admin: Thanks to you and all your staff for the improvements, and sorry to keep asking,but since the "pit door" has been opened, is there any movement in that quarter. Hope so, and thanks again, sincerly
2016-12-06 13:17
Scotty Zee may not be everyone's idea  of a Dom top, but with a twink like  Christian, he does well in the role. Don't get me wrong, this scene would win no awards, due to wooden acting, dull plot lines, and disappointingly appalling chemistry, but that being said, I've seen a helluva lot worse!
2016-12-02 15:11
Two sissies fucking on NextdoorRaw? Which one is supposed to be the REAL man? OH.........that's right neither fit that description. SIGH. We need a return to REAL men please.
2016-11-28 07:21
You're rude.  And there are PLENTY of twinks on this site.  In fact, there is a twink site.   Don't like it.?   Leave.
2017-03-14 23:15
Scottie is HOT
2017-03-14 23:48
OMG! They are so hot together and the kissing...... Scotty Zee is so amazing, my favorite!
2016-11-26 08:24
I thought that this would be one hot scene when I watched the preview, and, having viewed the entire video, is it ever!  Youthful angelic looking Christian is and looks great both giving and receiving head.  I saw one video on another website where Christian just topped, so this scene may have been his first time bottoming on film or at all.  If not, he certainly acted like his virgin ass was being taken.  Fantastic ending of Christian shooting a nice load while being fucked, and Scotty showing excellent aim in shooting all of his cum on Christian's hole and then using his big dick to push all that cum up Christian's butt in a great breeding.  Scotty is dominant from beginning to end in this video, and no one who views it will call him fem as he gives teenage Christian a bareback welcome to Next Door Raw.
2016-11-23 23:18
I like Scotty Zee he is a good top.
2016-11-23 00:12
Wow, Christian looks hot.  Look forward to Scotty giving him a raw fuck welcome to Next Door!
2016-11-09 23:53
welcome to ndr, christian! you're terrific in this scene.
2016-11-02 01:18