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  • 03-16-2019
  • 35:24 min
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Categories: Amateur, Blonde, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Oral, Brunette, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick, Masturbation

Zak Bishop isn't exactly looking for a hookup, but when he happens by a handsome stranger jacking off in a public stoop, Zak seizes the opportunity for what it's worth. Ryan Jordan doesn't make a habit of public masturbation, but he tells Zak that he lives with his mom and there's not much he can do when he gets the urge. Zak tells him he's got a place of his own, and if Ryan doesn't mind trading public strokes for private loads, then he should follow Zak home. Truth be told, Ryan would probably follow Zak's hot ass wherever he led, and Zak could do a lot worse than bagging this big dick stranger to bring home. Should be a fun evening for the both of them.Enjoy!

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All the positive comments, and yet 10 thumbs down. Were are the negatives? I couldn't see any. Rimming would have been hot, but these two had chemistry. Great job.
2019-04-03 22:45
really worth the wait...excellent cum shots. I love to see a bottom cum with a dick in their ass and then for Ryan to aim shoot and fire in Zaks mouth !
2019-03-28 09:51
Really good scene! Would've liked to see a creampie ending.
2019-03-18 01:41
so hot! Would have loved to see each eat and lick each others asses! Yummy!
2019-03-18 00:34
Ok this was beyond hot. Almost busted just watching these two kiss in the beginning. Love it when the guys really seem into each other and aren't faking it. Great chemistry between these two. And they both were hot together.
2019-03-17 06:15
17 March
Zak has a hot ass!

2019-03-17 04:25
This was an excellent scene. Rocco does such a good job of building tension and setting up a believable, authentic, real scene/scenario.
2019-03-16 13:51
Yummy guys! I love Ryan's meat ............... delicious!
2019-03-16 06:52
Probably Ryan's best topping in what seems like forever on this site.  His dick looked extra hard and juicy.  Zak had a lot to do with that.  He makes people want to fuck him.  The facial was a nice surprise.  More of that.
2019-03-16 06:47
I agree - best scene here in ages, that rare one where everything is done right.  More Zak, please.
2019-03-16 09:32
looking so forward to this one...Although I love Ryan as a bottom, he always gets me off as a top as husband material!
2019-02-27 08:43
Ryan really excels in either role, he and Quentin are pretty unique that way. *heart*
2019-03-04 09:15
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