Clean Stalkin

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  • 01-16-2019
  • 31:26 min
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When Ryan Jordan comes home and finds a stranger in his home hallway cleaning, he has two competing reactions. The first is 'What the fuck is a stranger doing in my house?' The second is 'Why does this stranger have such a nice ass?'. Luckily for Ryan, Scott Finn notices Ryan checking him out, so after clarifying that Ryan's parents hired him to clean the house, Scott asks Ryan if he'd like a piece of what he was just staring at. Ryan tries to act coy, but Scott has his number, and Ryan is pegged. Moments later, he's carrying Scott into his bedroom to get a first hand taste of Scott's delicious ass. But when Ryan whips out his dick, Scott realizes he may have bitten off more than he can swallow. Ryan smiles as he gags Scott with his giant cock, and when he bends Scott over and inches it deep inside Scott's tight little hole, he hears Scott whimper and moan. Ryan fucks him hard from behind before flipping him over and spreading his legs wide. His cock stretches Scott's hole open as Scott strokes himself with every thrust. Having had his fill, Ryan tells Scott to fuck the cum out of him, and climbs on top of Scott's dick, sliding it inside as he leans back and gives it a ride. Ryan's dick his huge in Scott's hands as Scott gives him everything he's got. Ryan spits his load as Scott pulls out and flips him over, emptying himself all over Ryan's ass. Looks like there's a whole new mess for Scott to clean now. Enjoy!

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It was an ok scene....but I consider scenes like this as "CHILDS PLAY "....Scott's constant moaning was like he really couldn't handle the dick!! (Probably just faking anyway) ...Then again I am not a big fan of twinks! I like some tho! Lol...I prefer moans of pleasure! Like Steve Rickz or Donte Thick when he gets fucked! When I fuck a bottom boy who can't really handle me, I put his face in the pillow or put a sock in his mouth!! It's a terrible distraction ...TO ME!! That's just my own personal reality tho! I do like the little slut bottom boy who can take a 10in dick with a smile on his face and sticks his tongue out while begging for me to give him more cock plus my load! That's what I get in real life I most definitely expect to see that on a professional porn site!! Duh...
2019-05-10 19:27
great scene
2019-01-24 19:06
Smoking hot fuck the house cleaner boy scene, until well into the fucking, Ryan asks for Scott's cock and a flip fuck.   Ever obedient Scott then fucks Ryan and breeds him.  Most scenes with Scott in them are great scenes, and this was no exception.
2019-01-19 21:17
These are 2 of my favs and just in time for my Birthday! I agree with the missing pubes comments but I just love both guys. I just feel as if there was a miss here on the fucking. It started great with entry shots that showed Scotts beautiful hole wrapping around Ryan's cock but after they switched positions it went downhill and I got distracted my all of Scotts fake moans and groans and then never taking Ryan's full cock (which would have warranted a moan) . I've seen better from both..sorry
2019-01-17 09:44
so what happened to the promised rimming here? Both are great at it and have great holes to lick-especially Ryan!
2019-01-16 22:51
Scott is a sexy little fucker, BUT GROW THOSE PUBES!!!  NOTHING worse and unbalanced than seeing a hairy, natural, sexy asshole and manly hair on a guy, then to see his pubes and balls shaved like a little boy.  Looks soooo weird.  HOW did this even get acceptable?   Grow back your pubes dude and your sex appeal will dramatically rise!  Ryan is always a fucking, smoking hot big-dicked stud!  ;-)   Handsome as all hell too.  Just want him to beef up a bit...
2019-01-16 22:41
Scott is cute and hot but I just want to be Ryan's bitch. What a fucking stud!
2019-01-16 11:30
Great Scott! You're back! Scott, don't know if you'l  read this.  You're my most favorite NDS Star. I love ❤️ how you and Ryan get into it. I love the just a boy who can’t say no look in your eyes,  and when you curled your toes I came. Thank you both for a great time.
2019-01-16 08:51
Kind of lame ending.
2019-01-16 08:29
Love this scene.   Both guys are on my favorite list.   More of both!  One request,  grow some pubs back,  the pre puberty look doesn't fit  with the rest of the body.  Just a thought.
2019-01-16 06:06
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