Cuddle Puddle

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  • 03-29-2017
  • 43:33 min
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Categories: Amateur, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Oral, Deep throat, Orgy, Brunette, Bareback, Big Dick, Athletic

With good friend Ty Thomas coming over, Paul Canon and his boyfriend Jackson Traynor prepare their den for a movie night. Ty brings his new roomie Dalton Briggs over with him. Straight boy Dalton is rumored to have a giant dick, at least that's the rumor his ex-girlfriend is circulating, and as the movie drags on and Jackson and Dalton both fall asleep, Paul and Ty confer about the validity of this statement. All intial evidence appears to support the claim, as Paul and Ty eye the buldge in Dalton's pants. Paul tells Ty that if he won't start something with Dalton then Paul will, as he makes his way over to where Dalton is sleeping. Ty is skeptical, and worried Dalton will wake up to find them hovering over him like a couple of pervs. Dalton tells Ty they're way past the point of appearances, and Ty is shocked to find out Dalton's been awake the whole time. Luckily, Dalton seems to be into the idea, so Paul and Ty quickly take advantage of the situation and begin tag teaming his cock, taking turns blowing him as Jackson lay sleeping beside them. Paul decides to mount this huge cock in front of him, even as Ty protests. Paul isn't worried about his boyfriend's reaction, but when Jackson stirs awake, he's definitely not calm and cool about it, until Ty grabs him by his crotch and tells him to just enjoy it. Jackson is skeptical but Ty quickly has his pants down and deep throats Jackson's cock as Paul continues to ride Dalton. With everybody up and aroused, the room quickly turns into a four man fuckfest, as Ty and Paul take turns fucking each other, as Dalton gives Jackson a taste of his big dick. Ty and Paul cum so many times they lose count, and Jackson is happy he joined in as Dalton pounds him from behind, before pulling out to wet him down with a massive straight boy load all over his sweat drenched body. Paul and Jackson share a cum filled kiss as all four guys retire to sleep away their debaucherous fuck marathon. Enjoy!

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2018-08-08 12:18
To the guy whining about African Americans, how about some Asians and Latinos? I'm enjoying the NextDoor content. There are plenty of other sites.
2017-11-04 19:10
Paul Canon has become a great hot butch versatile guy. He stays hard while getting bb fcked!
2017-11-04 19:07
Hot scene!!! Nothing else to say
2017-05-19 19:10
In this Time of TRUMP this scene represents everything that Trump and his Chief Advisor Bannon would approve if they chose to recruit White Homosexual Males into their White Supremacist environment. On the other hand, in Western European areas that were colonized by England, Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and later in Eastern Europe and Asia, Russia and Japan. the main erotic imagery has always been White males and females with Asian males and females and African males and females and Indigenous (Indios/First Nations/Native Americans/American Indians) males and females and non-Japanese males and females being viewed as EXOTICS to be used as hyper-sexualized fucktoys. Remember in every colonized area mixed race populations and mixed ethnic populations were created and still exist to this day.  
Have we in the USA been raised in view White guys as superior in looks and superior objects of desire? The answer is yes. Does that fact mean that this scene is somehow racist? The answer is this: It depends on the public comments and actions of the porn actors involved. In this case we have a hot sex scene with Paul Cannon who while he has made comments about not liking to perform with porn actors of color nonetheless has had scenes here with Kaden Alexander. Remember the hilarious Dave Chappelle sketch about a gay KKK lispingly asking a Black family to leave the neighborhood? Or in real history, remember that gay President of the US, James Buchanan, was a supporter of slavery and his lover was the US Senator from Alabama. Still this scene was hot even as it was morally disturbing like a Black American bragging that his family were the children of the Master who raped his great great grandmother and then his own daughters.
2017-05-07 18:27
Love Dalton ... how about a raw pairing of him and Ty love to watch Dalton work that
2017-03-30 18:26
ADMIN - Hi! We're glad to hear you and a whole bunch of other members are loving Dalton. We've got a lot of things planned for him. There's stuff in the works with Markie, Quentin, Dante.. and not to mention a RAW fuck-fest with Scotty, Dalton & Ty on May 17th.. Stay tuned for that! - Martin
2017-03-31 13:57
Fantastic foursome!  After Paul and Ty tag team orally Dalton's big dick, a bareback fuck fest breaks out with Dalton pounding Paul and Jackson, and Paul and Ty flip flop fucking. Bottom line:  everyone bottoms except Dalton, the three bottoming models all stay hard while being pounded, all shoot big loads while getting fucked, and all take the cocks of their tops covered with cum up their butts - a triple breeding!.  Paul and Ty cum multiple times.  Jackson got some welcome to Next Door Raw taking Dalton's long thick cock up his ass bareback!  One of Next Door's best scenes ever!
2017-03-29 23:28

Loved  this  scene  !!  All  the  guys  are  so  HOT !  Paul  and  Dalton  being  the  standouts  for  me.  The  new  guy  Jackson  certainly  has  potential  ........  a  nice  body  and  a  fat  cock !  (  loved  his  hairy  legs  )  Dalton's  style  is  so  laid  back  .......  sure , go  on  and  suck  my  dick  .......  he  really  needs  to  become  a  regular  on  the  Next Door  site !  Also  loved  the  multiple  cum  shots  in  this  flick !  I  lost  track  but  didn't  Ty  cum  three  times ?

I  waited  21  days  for  this  scene  and  it  was  worth  the  wait !  This  subscriber  wasn't  disappointed !  Thanks  to  Martin  and  his  crew ...... those  guys  ROCK !!

2017-03-29 15:41
Ass tatts, nope. I'll pass. Nothing more fem then female lips on a mans ass.
2017-03-29 13:54
Dalton is hot.  Love his big dick & those low hangers.
2017-03-29 08:53
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