Double Playtime

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  • 02-24-2016
  • 50:45 min
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Categories: Hardcore, Anal Sex, Ass to mouth, Deep throat, Facial, Threesome, Brunette, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick

Since the reunion a couple years back, Johnny and his old high school pal, JJ Knight, have been passionate lovers. In fact, they've moved in together and are planning on getting married! As they packed their things in the car this morning, Johnny received a phone call from Mark Long, also a friend from high school. Johnny forgot that Mark was planning a visit for this weekend! Johnny tells JJ and the two decide to stay home for the weekend and host their dear old friend, Mark.

Mark is surprised to see his old friends involved together in a sexual relationship. He didn't know either of them even liked guys! Mark makes a trip to the store for beer, and as he's coming back to the house, he witnesses through a window JJ sucking Johnny's hard cock! He's surprised by the sight, and even more surprised that the scene made his own dick stiffen up.

Once he's back in the house, JJ notices Mark's boner and lets Johnny in on the swollen dick. Johnny likes what he sees and Mark decides to just go with the flow. 'Playtime, Daddy?' Johnny asks JJ. 'Whatever baby wants,' JJ replies, and the fun begins.

First, Johnny uncovers Mark's enormous cock and wraps his lips around it, sucking deep. Soon, Johnny is bouncing on his boyfriend's fat erection and slurping down Mark's at the same time.

Not too long after, Mark is having a turn, sliding his bare, firm dick in and out of Johnny's tight hole.

These boys didn't get nearly this much action back in high school! It all cums together in an amazing finish, when Johnny lets his man and his old buddy pile drive his ass until they both erupt with pleasure all over Johnny's luscious hole!

Join these three as they get reacquainted by getting naked and fucking like they always wanted to back in school!

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Wish JJ and Mark had also kissed and sucked each other's dick.
2019-04-12 17:17
Wish it had played out differently. Instead of dropping the beer and startling the 2 wished he had just walked in and be like "oh I'm sorry" and they be like its okay why don't u join us and then all 3 interact with each other
2018-06-07 09:40

THEE Best video on this site!!!    Love to see more like this one!

 Great job!!

2017-05-15 22:17
This is one of the movies or scenes that should have had another chapter or part 2.  Where Mark wants to try and get fucked or Riley gets double penetrated.
2017-03-03 05:06
Mark is so big and strong.
What a man.
2017-02-13 02:16
love it
2017-01-11 01:56
The scene was ok but the two tops needed to suck cock and interact more.  Very one dimensional.
2016-08-29 03:40
I sense both tops were NOT sexually attracted to the bottom. You can TELL from their poor performances. Why would NDS pair two tops who are NOT attracted to the bottom? I thought porn companies make porn stars have a test run to see if models are sexually attracted to each other. This scene would of been better if it was just JJ and Mark Long. The bottom is unattractive and just wrecks the scene for me. Thumbs down for me this is the WORST video on the raw site. No passion and no heat. You can tell Mark and JJ look bored out their minds.
2016-08-21 14:38
Johnny and JJ's "quickie" got me hard and I stayed hard to the end. All three men have nice bodies and impressive cocks. This is going to be the seed of a fantasy for me for a long time to come.
2016-07-18 01:22
Loved it! Both JJ and Mark have amazing cocks. And Johnny is my dream bottom.
2016-06-07 18:02
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