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  • 05-09-2018
  • 30:36 min
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Categories: Amateur, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Ass to mouth, Oral, Deep throat, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick, Ass Play

Cleaning the kitchen, Carter Woods suspects Dante Martin is prepping to receive some special company. Dante confirms this, and immediately Carter gets a look in his eye that Dante has seen before. Dante asks him what's up, and Carter tells him he wants that ass before this other dude gets it. Dante laughs nervously, telling Carter he always does this, and Carter doesn't blink. 'Consistency is key,' he says, pulling Dante closer. Realizing Carter won't take no for an answer, Dante relents as Carter begins to undress. Seeing him naked, Dante concedes there are far worse things in life than to have a stud like Carter insisting on fucking him, and as Carter has his way with Dante, it's obvious that Carter knows how to work his cock. He slides it deep into Dante's hole from behind, fucking him up against the countertop, before they move to the floor where Dante rides Carter to his heart's content. With his dick ready to nut, Dante tells Carter to fuck him harder, so Carter lifts him up and sets him on the counter, spreading his legs as he fucks him as hard as he can. Dante moans as he strokes himself, and with one final thrust, Carter fucks the cum out of Dante, who shoots his load onto his stomach. Carter pulls out and blasts Dante with his nut, coating him in jizz as the two of them, exhausted, fall into each other. 'Looks like you've got another mess to clean up now,' Carter says.

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Dante is an amazingly great bottom!!!  Nice body, great ass and cock and he can really pump out a load.  Didn't really notice the other guy...
2018-06-03 13:22
I don't always feel the need to leave my comments after every scene I see on your site. I am very pleased at your all bareback content format and would please me to permanently be bareback sex content only. Every scene you produce adds another element to your site and your performers. I love every one of your models/performers. They are all so hot and they all are so talented. Keep up the excellent work!
2018-05-12 17:59

Awesome  scene !  Both  guys  are  sexy  HOT !!  Carter  is  a  good  looking  average  guy  (  nothing  wrong  with  that  )  who  doesn't  look  like  he  just  fell  off  a  magazine  cover.  He's  got  a  nice  build  and  doesn't  look  like  he  lives  in  a  gym  (  again , nothing  wrong  with  that  )  He  looks  like  someone  you  would  want  to  spend  time  with , have  a  beer , some  fun , a  little  conversation.  I  for  one  hope  to  see  much  more  of  Carter  in  the  future !

Dante  is  a  standout  in  every  scene  he's  in !  His  handsome  face , beautiful  chest  and  amazing  cock  give  me  instant  wood !  I  love  the  mole  on  his  ass  and  his  cum  shots  are  always  a  wonder  to  behold !!

This  video  gets  a  big  thumbs  up  from  this  subscriber !  Rocco  may  have  some  competition .  Thanks  NDS !

2018-05-12 14:40
Wish there would have been more NIPPLEPLAY between the two. Dante always gets some nipple on other scenes.
2018-05-10 12:37
tired of the "pube" police on here! What's wrong with smooth? go to Hot House site and lots of smooth there too!
2018-05-10 00:27
Pube Police? Ummm. ok. It's really just that a majority of the guys are shaving to within an inch of their lives. Nothing wrong with the au natural. look
2018-05-11 23:41
Hey Dante, could you possibly let those pits & pubes grow in a bit more? Oh, BTW, do you have a decent 'happy-trail' ? Growing that in too would be hawt. B. Safe Kiddo...
2018-05-09 22:00
I disagree.  He has really good skin.  It shouldn't be hidden by hair.  There's plenty of other hairy guys at this studio and others
2018-05-12 07:55
I  totally  agree !  Not  every  guy  has  a  lot  of  body  hair  but  don't  shave  what  you  have.  Not  talking  jungle  here , maybe  a  fine  dusting ?  I'd  much  rather  see  a  little  hair  than  razor  bumps.  Some  of  us  think  body  hair  is  sexy.  Dante  has  a  gorgeous  cock , a  little  pubic  hair  won't  change  that ....... just sayin .
2018-05-12 14:19
Carter is a great find! He has been blessed with two great partners so far. OMG Dante! Another great scene. Your tag said "Mouth to Ass" and "Ass Play", did I miss something??? Other than that keep Carter cumming!
2018-05-09 21:15
Nice plot of roommate Carter fucking Dante immediately before Dante's fuck dates.  Kind of a "loosen him up" philosophy.  Given the quality of this fuck, how could Dante say no?
2018-05-09 21:10
P.S.  Nice breeding of Dante by Carter at the end of this scene.  Dante probably winds up this evening with two loads of cum up his ass.
2018-05-09 21:12
Carter's voice, body, and scruffiness makes my cock rock solid while the rest of me melts into a puddle. Can we have a solo video where he tells us more about himself? He's so intriguing.
2018-05-09 19:43
Awesome scene!
2018-05-09 16:39
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