Flash Card Fuck

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  • 08-11-2018
  • 33:15 min
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Finding a sleeping Ryan Jordan on the sofa, Scott Finn tries to wake up his roomie so he can help him study. Scott flips his cards at Ryan's face and when he doesn't wake up, Scott decides to can the idea and just pick up his cards. But when he does, he gets a handful of Ryan's hard dick and quickly forgets about his cards. Ryan wakes up to find Scott massaging his cock but doesn't stop him, so Scott unzips his pants and pulls it out. Ryan's cock is massive and already hard thanks to Scott's coercive fondling. Scott takes Ryan's dick into his mouth and can barely fit half of it down his throat, so Ryan helps him out, choking him with his python before standing Scott up and returning the favor. Ryan's rock hard and ready to get a piece of Scott's perfect little ass, so he has Scott mount him reverse, his cock standing straight up in anticipation of Scott's hole. Scott lowers himself down slowly, and the size of Ryan's cock takes his breath away. He cautiously works his way up and down Ryan's pole, wary of how big it is. Ryan isn't having any of it, though, and he bends Scott over and begins to pound him. Scott moans with every thrust as Ryan gives it to him relentlessly, flipping him over as Scott begins to stroke himself off, and fucking the cum out of Scott as he pulls out and blasts him with jizz, coating Scott in cum as he rolls around sticking to the flash cards all over the sofa. That's some study sesh! Enjoy!

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I love pussyboi cock hungry, Scott Finn, but I think this sex pig is in need of a serious alpha top daddy scene. :)
2018-08-23 15:12
Great pairing. Hot & I LOVE watching Ryan - so glad to have him top. Delicious.
2018-08-20 11:14
Would have been hotter had there been kissing.   I really like these two and the scene had heat, but did nothing for me without guys making out.   Disappointing!!!!!!
2018-08-15 22:52
Joe Tatman
They both have beautiful, young stiff boners, tho Ryan's is truly impressive. No one takes and enjoys a big dick up his hot ass as well as Scott does. I don't usually go for twinks, but these two thin dudes fucking really made me cum hard.
2018-08-14 22:42
some rimming would be nice guys!
2018-08-12 23:54
What exactly does director Cameron Dalile have against rimming?
2018-08-14 00:10
What does he have against facials, cum eating?
2018-08-15 22:24
and kissing
2018-10-06 08:59
I guess this will be the one scene for 2018 where we FINALLY get to see the Top's face during the cum shot.  So glad you guys FINALLY did something other than the same, overdone, redundant close up of the cock shooting cum.  I would say hopefully you mix up and give us more cum shot camera angles like this.  But somehow I doubt that this will happen
2018-08-12 23:29
really, guys... you've gone from the NDM underwear (good move)  to FTL!? How @ just white... ? Link up with an underwear co. and sell "their product!!! $$$...
love u guys and thanks!!! kjb npb
2018-08-12 23:17
I usually wait to watch all the videos of the week on Saturday. I have to admit that I don't like all the angles of the scene or parts when you film more of the body than the sex organs that are fucking. But after that you are doing a fantastic job of always doing new things. I am still loving all of your sexy fucking models and want to take all of them to bed. So fucking hot. With Ryan and Scott fucking, I was loving every part of their fuck session. Great pairing with these two.  I am still just loving this continued all bareback scenes format. Please don't change this. Please give us a cream pie finish. An authentic one with coming inside first and pulling out to let the come slowly ooze out of the hole. Please. Please. Please.
2018-08-11 16:22
Awesome, Ryan.
2018-08-11 15:13
I love SCOTT FINN but getting tired about the way he ACTING very DESPERATE for COCK he need a BREAK TO MUCH of him already bring back DAKOTA YOUNG he's great POWER BOTTOM
2018-08-08 11:37
You're crazy lol
2018-08-11 08:01
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