Forgiving Cheaters

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  • 09-28-2016
  • 51:04 min
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With his boyfriend gone to work, Paul Canon fucks Damian Black on his sofa, unaware that Dante has doubled back to catch them in the act. Paul sucks Damian off and then mounts him, riding his long hard cock as Damian caresses his chest. Damian is just about to lose his nut when Dante walks in and busts them, but instead of getting upset, Dante curiously unzips his pants and takes up a spot on the couch next to them. Paul is hesitant at first, but as Dante begins to stroke himself off, Paul realizes that Dante is into the idea, and he begins to grind even harder on Damian's cock. Dante is turned on at the sight of his lover giving himself to someone else, but after a while, he decides he'd like to get in on the action as well, asking Damian if he minds sharing. Damian obliges, of course, and Dante shoves his cock in Paul's mouth while he watches Damian fuck his boyfriend. Damian fucks long and hard as Dante gets nice and hard, slapping his cock on Paul's face before moving around to get him some. Sticking his cock deep inside Paul, he turns and asks Damian to fuck him, and the three of them fuck on the couch before spilling their loads all over Paul's sexy, cheating, sweat soaked body.Cum covered and not sure what will happen next, Paul nods as Dante asks him if he'd like to make this a regular thing.


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Reminds me of when I caught my 1st B.F. back in Univ. We ended up having regular 3x w/ the kid. Twas good times...
2017-05-22 18:13
More raw Damian plz extremely hot guy
2017-03-30 20:13
DJ Lovekraft
Great styling all around. Maybe the sexiest Dante has ever looked? Paul looks incredibly hot.
2017-03-13 20:15
This was amazing
2017-01-11 02:52
LOVE the fuck train, flip flop and cum in mouht
2016-12-07 20:04
Damian Black is gorgeous and so are the other guys. Great fucking.
2016-10-12 10:14
This video would of been better if it was just Paul Cannon and Dante Martin.  Cannon and Martin are sexy and good performers BUT the third guy YUCK! The third guy just stood out he is UNATTRACTIVE and his nose resembles that of Big Bird LOL!
2016-10-02 22:39
All three Fuckers hot. I like the little guy in the middle
2016-10-01 10:29
Three hot models bare backing, and Dante eats cum at the end for good measure.
2016-09-28 16:02
Very happy to see Damian Black here. Paul Canon's oral technique is stupendous.
2016-09-28 14:34
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