Fucked Raw By My Ex

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  • 04-06-2016
  • 41:26 min
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Categories: Amateur, Anal Sex, Anal Cream Pie, Oral, Brunette, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick, Masturbation, Athletic

As Johnny Torque and his new beau enjoy an evening with friends, his ex-Johnny Riley tries to keep it cool and light, so as not to create an awkward situation. The last thing he expected is for Johnny to follow him to the bathroom for a moment alone. Once inside, Johnny tells him that he wants to fuck his ass raw, and that his current boyfriend is lame in bed.

And without even waiting for approval, Torque shoves his tongue down Johnny's throat and pushes him up against the bathroom sink, stripping him out of his pants and falling to his knees to suck him off.

Absence must make the dick grow stronger because Torque is feverishly aggressive as slobbers up and down Johnny's knob before bending him over and spitting on the head of his cock, shoving it into Johnny and pounding him into the mirror from behind. Johnny takes the dick just like old times, his bubble butt bouncing against Torque's stomach as Torque thrusts in and out.

Johnny remembers why he and Johnny were so good together as he moves him over to the john to mount him. They fuck hard like that as Torque sits and Johnny rides, but Torque isn't risking his relationship to let someone else be in control, so when he's had his fill of Johnny's cowboy routine, he lifts him up and sets him on his back on a bench and proceeds to fuck the cum right out of his ex, pulling out and blasting Johnny with his pent up load before shoving it right back in for a little extra taste of this ass from the past.

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Johnny  Torque  is  still  the  best !  I  don't  care  what  anyone  says !  This  scene  proves  my  point , probably  one  of  his  best.  These  two  guys  really  clicked !  As  a  side  note  I  love  the  RAW  site  at  Next  Door  .........  awesome  addition  guys !!  Keep  up  the   amazing  work !
2017-02-21 21:17
Good butt After he shoots on his ass, stick it in and pound longer. That was way too short of shot.
2016-08-29 04:00
Johnny Riley is cuter than fuck! He is my new favorite.
2016-06-07 17:23
He  does  have  potential !
2017-02-21 21:18
Great scene! I love Johnny Riley! I always knew Johnny Torque was capable of a Super performance. I am glad he can now do everything and is out from under Cody C's bad influences! He did his best to take ND and it's stars down a sorry road!
2016-04-07 17:22
this Johnny Riley guy I find unattractive couldn't they get some men of colour on the raw site. I notice no men of colour have been fucked raw on this site yet. Why?
2016-04-05 22:26
OK, why are we still waiting to see Markie get fucked raw on this new site?
2016-03-18 18:51