Handy Man To-Do

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  • 05-25-2016
  • 44:29 min
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As his grandfather prepares dinner, Brandon Moore comes in with Scotty Zee, the new handy man, fresh from showing him all the things around the house that needs fixing. While they've banged out most of the items on the list, they're still not quite finished but the day is already starting to wind down, so Brandon asks Scotty if he'd like to stay for dinner. Scotty accepts and while his grandfather cooks, the guys take a load off in the other room. Brandon, little troublemaker that he is, decides he's had about enough of Scotty giving him 'fuck me' eyes and decides to do something about it, inching across the room silently and making his way over to Scotty's reclining feet. Slowly he begins to unzip Scotty's cover-alls, pulling his cock as Scotty silently questions him. Brandon puts his finger to his lips and tells Scotty to hush, as he starts to go down on him, deep-throating his cock as Scotty sits back. Clearly undeterred by the threat of getting caught, Scotty embraces the situation, pushing Brandon's head down onto his cock and then turning Brandon around to tongue his asshole, fingering him as he fantasizes burying his raw cock deep in Brandon's hole.

Minutes later, his fantasy is reality as Scotty has Brandon pushed up against the wall, mere inches of plaster separating them from Brandon's gramps in the kitchen. Brandon bounces his sexy ass against Scotty's thick cock, as Scotty grabs him by the waist and pounds him harder, and when grandpa has to go to the store for one last ingredient, Brandon and Scotty move to the center of the room, getting much louder as Scotty fucks him raw dog missionary style. Brandon strokes himself off as Scotty fucks the cum out of him, and then Scotty pulls out and blasts Brandon's freshly fucked hole with his load, before shoving it back inside and continuing to fuck away, at least until they hear the sound of the car pulling back up in the driveway.


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Scotty is just fabulous. I love him.
2017-09-09 13:29
I like Brandon Moore and think he is very sexy and the other guy with the ink looks good.   BUT  MY GOODNESS PLEASE KEEP THE FAT OLD WHITE GUY OUT OF THE PORN VIDEOS! I am serious, I am not trying to be mean BUT it is  a real MOOD KILLER and just turns me off! I want to see hot young guys have sex and be in a fantasy! I do NOT want to see elderly men. For me it was just a turn off to see the two hot guys have sex THEN to see an old guy cooking by the stove. Just a real turn off.  Please NDS KEEP the old guy OFF the PORN VIDEOS LOL!!!
2016-06-10 02:20
hottest ever.  Only way could have been any better, if he had cum INSIDE!, but love the hot gay boys, not straight. Maybe I'm crazy but I like my gay porn to be gay!
2016-06-01 22:33
I agree that watching a top cum in the bottom's butt and then seeing the cum seep out is really hot, but that can be faked.  When the top shoots his big load on the bottom's hole and then uses his dick to push all of the cum up the bottom's butt, that cannot be faked.
2016-06-01 22:56
really hot scene and actually made m laugh too... great fun.
2016-06-01 03:27
I loved this very hot scene!  Two hot models really getting it on with each other!  I also liked the plot and its excellent execution by the models as well.  Brandon really looked like the twinky gay grandson he was portraying seducing the hot young handyman Scotty.  In prior scenes I had only seen Scotty bottom with condoms used, so it was great to watch him fuck Brandon raw.  Excellent oral by both guys as well.  Also, Scotty's tattoos, which I do not generally care for, in this scene actually help him look the part of the handyman he is playing, so they fit right in as well (as, of course, Scotty's big dick fits into Brandon's cute little twink butt).
2016-05-31 23:17
I'll take real gay men having real sex anyday over fake actors
2016-05-27 01:33
yes.  now we return to our regularly scheduled fake acting straight guys.
2016-06-04 16:19
SIGH!!!!  There are real GAY men whom are actually MASCULINE in this industry. Brandon's FEM traits just do not do it for me. Scottie is HOT and borderline FEM, but I can handle his mannerisms. If I want to watch models like Brandon I will go out o the local GAY club on Drag Night. GEEEZ!!!!
2016-05-25 12:13
Scotty is fantastic. Bring him back, please
2016-05-25 10:53
Hot scene! Great performances by Scotty and Brandon!
2016-05-25 04:25
I love Brandon's work and enjoy watching him with handy men.  It would be great ffun to see him stretch his abilities in more scenes.
2016-05-17 01:20