Hard Time

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  • 10-03-2018
  • 30:38 min
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When Elye Black shows up out of nowhere after 3 days with no communication, Justin Matthews is intially pissed, but when he finds out Elye's been in a Mexican jail for the last 72 hours, his anger eases and his concern takes over. Elye falls on the bed, telling Justin he's spent the last few nights sleeping on a concrete slab. Justin joins him on the bed, but resting is the furthest thing from his mind, as he strips Elye out of his clothes and makes his way down to Elye's dick. Elye's rock hard from 3 days at the Rock, and Justin has a hard on to match, so they suck each other off in a 69 before Justin can control himself no longer. He bends Elye over and slides his raw cock deep into Elye's hole, fucking him doggy style as Elye's arms buckle from the pounding. Reaching around and feeling Elye's hard dick, Justin pulls out and tells Elye to lay down, straddling him as he lowers himself onto Elye's prick. It goes in slowly and Justin strokes himself as Elye looks up at him. Once Justin has had his fill, he dismounts and lifts Elye's legs, fucking him through the bedpost as Elye loses his load all over himself. Justin sees this and he's done... he loses control, pulling out and unleashing his pent up load, shooting it all over Elye's body. Elye is exhausted, fucked and famished as Justin tells him next time to call. Elye smiles and agrees. Enjoy!

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Love watching Justin getting fucked, especially by a a big fat cock like Elye's. The close ups of Elye's cock fucking Justins hole were great, I just wish there would have been some rimming of Justing's hole with these kind of close ups. Rimming and kissing were blatantly missing from this scene!!
2018-10-06 08:27
Sorry NDS, but Justin is sooo overexposed right now. He is literally everywhere. You missed the boat on him. Please try to continue getting newer models in hardcore scenes. Its what I've come to love and expect from this site!
2018-10-05 23:04
These two are personal favs. Mad crush on Justin. Thought this was hot with the two of my fav models paired together. Agree though. NDS needs to spend sometime reviewing sites like Sean Cody. There is always passion there. They always capture the intensity between the models. The guys there kiss and you can also feel the intensity and chemistry between the models. And sometimes the cum in the ass shots are hot too. NDS needs to bring this more to their work. Love NDS but feel models are always just fucking and it often comes off as meaningless sex and for heaven sakes stop the weird postions like on counters, floors and between bed frames.  Sometimes hot old fashioned passion, kissing in bed and cream pies add a significantly stronger sense of reality. Both these guys are hot. Let's capture intensity and passion more!
2018-10-04 11:01
Amazing how negative the comments are for a scene currently rated 62 likes and only 12 dislikes.   While the comments have some merit, they ignore the fact that this scene has two really hot handsome models having great bareback flip flop sex.  I'm a fan of Elye from his work on this site.  I also am familiar with Justin from another site, where he almost always uses a condom and almost always tops.  For Next Door to get Justin to do this scene bareback, and then to get him to flip flop and take it raw up his own hot butt as well was quite a coup for Next Door.  We should appreciate that as the overall like/dislike vote of 62-12 does  and not obsess on lesser technical issues.
2018-10-03 21:25
It wasn't much of a coup.  He's also barebacking on at least one other site.  Cocky Boys.
2018-10-03 23:55
Justin often barebacks at other sites.
2018-10-04 00:57
Martin/admin when is Cameron Dalile going to be fired from directing? His scenes are definitely inferior to Rocco's. Again we have no intimacy, rimming, kissing, a rush right into the fucking and the camera angles are really pedestrian. NDS is getting the same repeated complaints on Cameron directed scenes with no improvement. I believe it is time for NDS to take our concerns seriously and make a move.
2018-10-03 10:24
This really was bad.  As soon as the weird kissing started, I was worried.  Elye and Justin are always great.  Not too long ago the monitor posted, based on feedback, that the site won't be using Dax.  The performers need direction.  I'm not going to chase down the links between the poorly reviewed/rated scenes and cross reference them with the director and performers but someone should.
2018-10-03 07:45
The guys are both hot and talented in their own right, so I was expecting this scene to be scorching hot.  It wasn't, for some reason.  I was expecting more fire and intensity, maybe a little more dirtiness.  Justin probably needed some more loosening up, as he seemed to be struggling to take all of Elye.  And the fucking through the bars seemed silly.  I really wish the site would stop filming in this room.  It looks like a prison cell and the light is never flattering to the models.  Elye and Justin look washed out here.
2018-10-03 04:05
Both models are hot and real next-door guys, but there is a lot missing again in this video. Cameron Delile seems to have a dislike for ass play. Directly after the cock sucking the fucking starts, and that is happening in all the scenes directed by him. No rimming or whatsoever. Better said hardly any intimacy. When the guys are kissing, we don't see any tongues used, just lips touching each other. Pity. As said Ely as well as Justin are hot and I would love to see much more of newbie at NDS Justin. Hope to see him in intense intimite action and hope to see all his skills necessary for a good man-to-man sex video!
2018-10-03 03:53
Love both Elye and Justin but no passion and the fucking was boring, with no intimacy... kissing, caressing, etc. I wish Cameron would pay attention to comments like this.
2018-10-03 03:19
I agree with the other commenters that these are two of the best performers at ND, so I'm glad to see them paired together. I can't wait to see Justin Matthews getting it on with a preppy Elye Black. Definitely one to look forward to.
2018-09-14 01:45
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