Hitch a Load

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  • 02-10-2016
  • 48:14 min
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As Quentin Gainz navigates the back roads of his friend's vacation home, he spies a wayward drifter on the side of the dusty path. Zane Porter looks a bit tired from walking, and Quentin's car is a sight for sore eyes and feet. When Quentin offers him a ride, Zane doesn't even ask, 'Where to?' he just hops in the car. Back at Quentin's place, neither guy is interested in playing hard to get, and Zane asks Quentin if he regularly picks up strangers on the side of the road. Quentin assures him it's not a totally regular thing, but Zane is already too busy taking off Quentin's pants to hear the answer. Zane sucks Quentin off, who gets nice and hard before he unzips Zane's jeans to see what he's packing. As Zane unfurls his cock, Quentin thinks he's hit the lottery, and Zane is feeling lucky as well, choking out this stranger with his long cock, as Quentin deep throats Zane and begs for his cock.

Zane is down to fuck but neither guy has a condom. Quentin mentions that he's into it if Zane is, and with that, Zane plunges his raw cock deep into Quentin's virgin ass, fucking him missionary as Quentin closes his eyes. He remarks that he's never had a raw cock before, and Zane pounds even harder, before shifting to let Quentin hitch a ride for a change. He bounces up and down on Zane's cock, grinding on it as he feels it pulse in and out of him, before Zane flips him over onto the sofa and proceeds to pound him out doggy-style, pulling out to wet Quentin with his load, and then shoving his cock right back in to finish the job, fucking the cum out of Quentin as he shoots his load off onto the table below, just in time before Quentin's buddy comes home to catch them in the act.


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Love Zanes curly thigh and leg hair, hot lower belly hair, great sexy pubes and lean hot masculine body!
2018-05-14 22:23
What a fuck. It's always great to watch Quentin take it,  he's just so---fuckable. But the ungroomed Porter is unbelievable in his verisimilitude, in common terms, he's so real.The guy is supposed to be the supporting player, the dink, that let's us imagine we're the ones fucking Quentin, but instead he's so good he convinces me he's in it for the fuck itself. Watched him get porked his one and only time on this site and then this bareback scene--this guy is a star.
2017-12-02 21:21
Quentin and Zane together! Nothin' could be finer. Thanks.
2017-02-06 19:36
Hot  couple !  Quentin  has  always  been  a  favorite  of  mine , he's  just  so  damn  sexy !   There's  something  about  Zane ........ his  body  hair  and  big  cock  are  a  big  turn-on  for  me , not  so  much  the  tattoo  on  the  back  of  his  head.  That's  a  little  creepy.  He  does  know  how  to  pound  an  ass  though !  He  had  a  sweet  one  in  this  scene ........ Mmmmmmm  !  I'd  love  to  have  a  taste  of  that  one  myself !  Nice  job  guys !
2017-01-05 20:38
Good scene but a limp dick during hot sex is a turn off and makes no sense in the scene.
2016-08-29 04:07
I always liked the Nextdoor Studios sites, but including a RAW BareBack site was a brilliant addition to their line up.  I know all the health and political issues about barebacking, but it still makes the best porn better.  Thanks NextDoor for adding the Raw site.
2016-08-14 23:44
There is nothing these two could do to make a bad movie. It's got it all great dicks, furry asses and RAW! Zane fucks like a pro, and really eats ass.
2016-07-02 21:48
Hot....Very hot. Watched it twice
2016-04-02 16:40
Great scene!  Very good top Zane and excellent bottom Quentin looked great together, seemed to be really in to each other and had an ongoing sexy dialogue going during the lengthy fuck, after which Quentin must have had once sore butt.  Zane had the best line of the video, shortly after he commenced his fuck of Quentin:   "If you haven't been fucked raw, you haven't been fucked at all!"  You could tell how much Quentin was in to this scene by the size of the load of cum he shot with Zane's dick still up his ass.   Scenes like this will make Next Door Raw very popular.
2016-03-21 23:05
Yes Zane and Quentin hot together!!
2019-03-10 11:44
quentin, i love ur performance as a bottom!   u have the best ass on nextdoor anywhere!!!!!!    porters dick could be a little harder!
2016-03-06 01:46
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