Intimate Session

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  • 09-08-2018
  • 30:09 min
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Therapist Quentin Gainz doesn't usually allow his personal attraction to seep into his professional life, but when client Ricky Ridges confesses that he likes men, Quentin's own urges trigger and he finds himself moving closer to Ricky. The feeling must be mutual, because Ricky reacts as if he's been waiting for Quentin to make a move for a while, kissing him naturally when Quentin approaches. In no time, Quentin undresses Ricky and kisses his way down his body, stopping at the bulge in Ricky's underwear. Revealing his cock, he begins to slowly milk it with his mouth, sucking Ricky long and deep until his hard on is swollen to maximum density. Quentin bends over and Ricky slides his cock into the perfect ass in front of him. He gets out all his issues the old fashioned way, as he fucks Quentin all over his office, finally settling on the desk where he spreads Quentin's legs and picks up the pace. Quentin strokes his cock as Ricky takes him to pound town, pulling out and blasting Quentin's hole with his load. As Quentin shoots his own batch all over himself, the two of them are sweaty and exhausted from such an intensive session. Ricky thanks Quentin for 'squeezing him in'. Quentin tells him, 'Anytime.'Enjoy!

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Loved the plot!  Quentin is my kind of full service therapist!  Ricky repeatedly thanked Dr. Quentin for "fitting him in".  It turns out that the "fitting in" was not just giving Ricky a last minute appointment, but also Quentin taking Ricky's big cock up his hot ass.
2018-09-12 20:52
1 Sep
Hot Quentin!
2018-09-11 02:51
Great video, Quentin Gainz with glases now,  you are my big fan for now at NDStudios, great performance, hot tattoed chest and body you have Quentin Gainz. Always love your videos and hot bottom scene with Ricky Ridges is so hot !!!  Love you Quentin  ....!!
2018-09-10 10:27
I feel bad for voting thumbs down on a scene with Quentin (and believe me it was not his fault) ... but if you can't generate more excitement than Ricky did in a scene with Quentin then there is some wrong with you, I don't care how straight you are!!  Quentin is walking sex and always gives an outstanding performance . I am getting really tired of these G4P performers who show up and that's about all ... if they won't play then they should go back to straight porn.
2018-09-09 17:18
Quentin Gainz most definitely his one the most beautiful guys in the NDS stable. His total package is perfect. He is strikingly handsome and hs a perfect muscled body. No bodybuilder like Markie, but everywhere perfectly built, without bulging with muscle. Thereby he sports a stunning ass, a perfect sized cock and a great pair of beautiful balls.  It is such a great view when he drops all clothes, the huge in his sexy trunks. Quentin is a great lover. He knows how to handle another guy in just the right way, knows how to take a cock all the way up his throat, to juice it up, and knows how to take full advantage of a tasty hole, eating it, putting tongue in as far as possible. He loves it when another guy turns the table on him too though. He enjoys every attention another dude gives him at the fullest. Pity Ricky doesn't give it to him here though. Quentin deserves it so much. Why doesn't Ricky strips Quentin, why doesn't he taste that perfect cock, or juices his delicious smooth hole till it drips with saliva? All unanswered questions. The only thing he does is plowing that gorgeous hole at full power and although Quentin seems to love that, it is disappointing. Considering Quentin is a foreplay guy, it's is hard to believe that fucking is all that is done for him here. So many unused chances left to have sex with one of the best dudes on this site.
2018-09-09 04:21
Quentin with beard, glasses and button up shirt is adorable. He is one of the most gorgeous guys i've seen and he always brings sensuality to his scenes. I love the way he was lingering over Ricky's body. It's hot seeing a guy undress but with Ricky, it kept showing his face - that's been in a few NDS scenes, very disappointing. How could Ricky have Quentin at his mercy and not even jerk him a bit? Overall, a good scene but could have been so much better, say if Elye was with Quentin.
2018-09-08 19:13
Quentin doing all that work and he can't even get Ricky to lick the tip.  If Ricky can't progress I'm not sure why he's here.  Even Mark Long sucks dick regularly now.  And Ricky Ridges is no Mark Long.
2018-09-08 18:00
And Mark eats ass too, and he seems to enjoy it too,  considering the taste and pleasure he works some guy's holes and juices them up!
2018-09-09 03:52
When Quentin was riding Ricky's cock, I prayed Quentin would start choking Ricky, pound on his chest, and slap him a few times.....anything to wake Ricky up and get involved with the scene.   The camera work or the editing in some of the scene was just dumb, for example.....Quentin was worship Ricky's chest with his mouth and his hands and the camera was on Ricky's face....what the hell??   I will say that the kissing at the beginning was great..very intimate and I told myself Cameron has listened to his critics but things went down hill from there.    One of the worse things was that Quentin had to take off his own clothes.....who in the hell would be alright with that.  My god, I could cum taking the clothes off Quentin's beautiful much to enjoy while taking them off.   Quentin a thumbs up.......Cameron and Ricky thumbs down.
2018-09-08 10:40
Agree, Quentin stripping all his clothes off must be a wonderful experience. Slowly exposing that more than beautiful male boy, he is such a stud!
2018-09-09 03:54
Please grow that chest fur Quentin! At least maybe for one scene?!?!
Yes please!  Maybe he would let it grow out for one scene and then he could shave it off!  I'd just love to see it once.
2018-09-08 10:10
Please grow that chest fur Quentin! At least maybe for one scene?!?!
2018-09-08 07:25
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