Laser Load

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  • 01-13-2018
  • 27:48 min
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Categories: Hardcore, Anal Sex, Oral, Deep throat, Brunette, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick, Athletic, Big Loads

In hot pursuit of his target, Charlie Pattinson is locked and loaded, ready to shoot off just as soon as he locates the object of his desire. Lance Ford is waiting by the bed to ambush him, but as Charlie enters, he lets his best shot fly and scores, sending Chad flailing onto the bed. Charlie quickly moves in to help resuscitate Lance. Charlie whips out his cock and showing it to Lance. Lance deep throats it and Charlie moans with delight. He returns the favor, moistening up Lance's hole and stroking himself. Lance mounts him as he plunges his raw cock deep inside Lance's hole. Lance bounces on his bareback dick and spreads his legs as Charlie jerks him off. Lance's pre-cum oozes out as Charlie's big dick fills him up. Charlie fucks him all over the bed, bending him over and fucking him doggy before flipping him over. He fucks the cum out of Lance and then shoots his own load all over him. Lance, covered in Charlie's jizz, tells him that's the 2nd time he's been shot in the same day!Enjoy!

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Really liked Lance's cum shot. His "Oh, fuck me!" at the end and the intensity of his orgasm shows he's a true bottom  :)
2018-06-15 08:28
DAMN! Well hello Charlie. Dude is HOT as fuck.
2018-05-23 22:16
Charlie is my new favorite!   I love every last inch of that sexy beautiful man!
2018-02-25 14:01
Charlie sure is a male beauty. He is not very muscular, but he is sexy as hell. Love every inch of that handsome dude and love the noises he produces. He really loves what he is doing here! What a great catch this stallion is.
2018-08-22 14:23
I am still loving the all bareback gay sex format. Please continue these very erotic and pleasing kinds of scenes. The only thing lacking are the cream pie scenes. The true kind when the cock comes inside of the asshole and then pulls out then letting us see the come inside of the asshole. I know this seems graphic but in my expert opinion gay bareback sex that shows the cream pie after a very passionate fuck scene is the ultimate scene of gay porn. Please try to do some cream pie scenes. I am still waiting for you to do my ultimate orgy scene. Six football players coming into the locker room in full gear after a hard days practice and the coach chewing their asses for not performing on the field. They start undressing and all of a sudden they begin to comfort each other and eventually turns sexual and then a fuck fest of historic proportions commences with bareback gay sex and cream pie endings. Please I really need this scene.
2018-01-16 01:46
Charlie isn't exactly toned is he?
2018-01-15 11:30
A  little  thick  but  kind  of  sexy.  Love  the  chest  hair.  I'd  give  him  a  7.  Love  his  eyes  too !
2018-01-18 21:14
Charlie is incredibly sexy! He is the stuff dreams are made of. Lance is not in his league at all. These two should have never been paired. I'd like to see Charlie in a one-on-one with Leo Luckett. This scene was disappointing.
2018-01-14 23:06
Charlie is really hot, good looking and sexy - please keep bringing him back.  Generally not a twink fan, al all - but definitely like Lance,, with his hot , great  and sexy passion.  Both of them together were very hot and believable.  NDS keeps on getting better and better - Thanks NDS guys for the GREAT WORK  you do!   Damn,  just looked at Charlie again...can't wait to see much more of him!
2018-01-13 18:08
Like both of these models and Miles/Charlie is a good addition to the site, but no valid reason to skip rimming here. Lance has a hot ass and Charlie, as Miles on the CF site, was a great rimmer. Why do you keep leaving it out of your scenes?
2018-01-13 12:42
I agree, more rimming please.   I'd love to see Charlie's hairy ass getting rimmed good!
2018-02-25 14:09
Agree totally, Lance has a great tasty ass and big firm cheeks and so has Charlie. Both guys love to eat ass, so why not letting them taste each other at the rear? A missed chance for all guys that love the sight of a sweet, wet manhole getting tongue fucked.
2018-08-22 14:20
Way to show off Lance's hot ass and Charlie is nice.
2018-01-13 10:53
Glad to see that NDS has been reading our comments.  The last several videos have really been great and addressed many comments.   Thanks NDS!!!
2018-01-13 10:46
Really? - are you sure you haven't been visiting another site??!!  Can't say I've noticed any improvements here over the past few months, just the same old tired formula - largely G4P  guys with no interest in having sex with other guys performing badly in boring STR8 guy seduction plotlines.
2018-01-21 14:58
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