Load That Ass

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  • 08-17-2016
  • 39:31 min
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Categories: Anal Sex, Oral, Creampie, Deep throat, Brunette, Uniform, Masturbation, Ass Play, Slim, Rimming

With a team of movers helping to load up his father's trailer, it's a veritable feast of eye candy for Brandon Moore, but it's the new guy, Lance Taylor, that catches his eye. So when Lance's boss assigns him to load out back for a few hours alone, Brandon seizes upon the opportunity to isolate and seduce him. It won't take much, since there were definite fireworks inside when Lance and Brandon first made eye contact, and now that he's all alone with Brandon, Lance's only concern is whether or not they'll get caught. Brandon assures him the others are disposed inside, as he unzips Lance's cover-alls down to his cock, pulling it out and taking it all the way down his throat. Lance closes his eyes and pushes Brandon's head deeper, as Brandon spits on the head and tongues Lance's balls. Pushing him up against the side of the trailer, Lance and Brandon kiss as Lance slips his hand down Brandon's pants, squeezing his ass before shoving him up against some boxes to return the favor, sucking him off as he takes off his pants and shoes. Brandon is ready to see Lance's loading skills, so he bends over as Lance eats his ass, fingering him as he strokes his cock in anticipation, before shoving it hard and raw into Brandon's waiting, hungry hole. Lance rocks Brandon's world, pounding him from behind as Brandon enjoys every moment of it. They fuck every way the little trailer will allow before Brandon shoots his load all over himself as Lance pulls out and douses his hole with the messiest load in the trailer, breeding Brandon's gaping hole with his seed just as Lance's boss comes around the trailer and congratulates Lance for his excellent attention to customer satisfaction.


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Brandon is a power bottom and does love to get that ass serviced.  Catch  him on other sites,  he takes fists, multiples, dildos so big it's scary and loves every minute of it.  Lance did seems to be having an erection problem but did hold up his end.  Markie  was perfect with his comments.   Thumbs up from me.
2017-04-01 08:13
Brandon Moore is sexy and I love to watch him get fucked almost as much as he enjoys getting fucked. Lance Taylor is cute, but he's not exactly a dynamic performer and he has problems maintaining an erection.
2016-09-09 20:02
This is one of NDR's best scenes.  The hot handsome slender body of Lance paired with hot enthusiastic bottom Brandon, who stays hard during his lengthy fuck by Lance.  For those who do not care for tattoos, here is a scene of two hot unmarked young models going at it.   Amusing bit near the end of boss Markie walking into the moving van and catching employee Lance in the act of fucking customer Brandon, and then commending Lance for stepping up to keep our customers satisfied.  Two nice cum shots with Lance shooting on and around Brandon's hole and then breeding him.
2016-08-17 23:41
It would have been really HOT if Markie would have joined in.
2016-09-25 20:24
Lance Taylor is so sexy!  Love it!
2016-08-17 18:27
Brandon Moore is a good  power bottom too much bottom shaming in gay male culture which i find bizarre. Some models clearly ENJOY getting fucked like Quentin and Brandon and I LOVE THAT! Everybody got preferences even  though this is porn you can tell Brandon enjoys getting fucked. Another hot video is Derrick Dime fucking Brandon on this raw site very good too. I think this is a good video nice to see a man enthusiastic about getting fucked and being a power bottom.
2016-08-17 14:44
Lance is really hot. He might save this scene.. I'm not a fan of Brandon Moore. He's creepy .
2016-08-03 22:53
I agree with the first part about Lance, but disagree with the second part about Brandon.  I see nothing wrong with Brandon being an enthusiastic hot bottom, which he is.
2016-08-17 23:34
following scene should be markie joining in. welcome lance to ndr!
2016-07-29 00:39