My New Brother: Baring it All

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  • 05-11-2016
  • 37:43 min
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Categories: Amateur, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Deep throat, Brunette, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick, Masturbation, Ass Play

Things have been a little tense around the house since Addison seduced his step-brother Markie a few weeks ago. Markie's denial has given way to open lust, so as Addison comes into the bathroom to brush his teeth while Markie is showering, he cracks the shower door and steals a look at Addison's sweet ass as he begins to stroke his cock. Addison can see him in the mirror, and the thought of taking Markie's raw cock is dominating his mind. Addison takes a look over his shoulder and sees Markie staring back at him intently, toweling off and making his way over to the vanity where he presses his lips against Addison's back, sliding his mouth down Addison's spine and then back up to his neck, where they kiss hard.

Markie bends Addison over the counter and falls to his knees, plunging his tongue straight in Addison's hole as he runs his hands up his step-brother's back. Addison closes his eyes and enjoys the moment, as Markie turns him around and begins to suck him off, stroking his own cock all the while.

Addison loves the feeling of Markie's mouth on his cock, but what he really wants is to feel Markie's hard dick pounding him, skin to skin, so he turns around and drops to his knees, taking Markie deep into his mouth as Markie's boner grows hard enough to cut diamonds. Sufficiently ready to have his way, Markie bends Addison over a bench and shoves his raw dick inside his step-brother, pounding him like the cock fiend that he is. Addison loves every minute of it, biting his lip with every thrust, before switching positions to ride Markie's meat stick. Addision grinds on Markie's dick, bouncing up and down as he jerks himself off, spitting his load as Markie fucks him missionary, and then watching as Markie pulls out and blasts him with a milky white load of his own right as they hear the sound of their parents pulling up outside.


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Very hot scene!
2017-09-10 20:15
Very nice! Make more!!!
2017-01-12 17:42
great scene very hot def a favourite of mine thnxs
2016-12-25 13:49
I chose to view this video because I wanted to see Addison again, but it was Mr. More that captured my attention. Markie's body is looking totally ripped these days! I find my self looking more at his abs than his thrusting cock.
2016-07-19 11:07
Markie is his usual hot self.  Special compliments to  Addison for being a tall, handsome hot bottom, who for the most part stays rock hard during a very lengthy fuck. and shoots a nice big load onto his own stomach.  Great ending by Markie shooting a big load of cum on and around Addison's hole, then gathering up all of his load onto his cock, and then sliding his cum covered dick up Addison's but, thereby giving Addison a nice big injection of Markie's cum.  A great raw scene with a very good breeding at the end.
2016-06-01 00:30
Very HOT scene, but editing sucks
2016-05-18 16:10
15 May
Markie is one hot twink and a great fuck!
2016-05-15 16:00
I wouldn't describe Markie as a twink
2016-05-18 16:01
Markie did his usual fine job, and Addison is one handsome hot bottom.  My only question is, since this part two scene was so hot raw, why did they use a condom in part one?
2016-05-15 00:22
That's what I asked
2016-05-18 15:59
ADMIN - It seems to me that the heat of the moment, fueled by his lust, pushed Markie to enjoy a raw moment with his step-brother. Perhaps he was being cautious on their first encounter? - Martin
2016-05-27 10:39
Best possible answer to the question all the viewers are asking!
2016-06-01 00:23
Great video love Markie More this guy is such a PROFESSIONAL unlike certain guys NDS hires. But Markie More always gives 100% and this new guy is gorgeous and he did a great job this guy Addison Graham. Addison got a cute body and tight white ass just the way I like it! Awesome video!!
2016-05-11 20:26
Super scene!! Love all the intimacy and kissing! Markie is always great  and Addison is very welcome at ND.
2016-05-11 16:08
2016-05-15 00:19
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