Naughty Neighbor

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  • 07-04-2018
  • 36:06 min
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Categories: Amateur, Blonde, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Oral, Deep throat, Brunette, Bareback, Big Dick, Athletic

When Jason Richards wakes up to find Ty Thomas standing in his living room, his first thought is that Ty is there to rob him. Ty tells him that he came over to borrow some nails, and that he found the door open, but Jason is doubtful, and asks Ty to prove it. Ty can't prove his claims, and Jason asks him what he's willing to do to keep Jason from calling the cops. Ty wonders what he could possibly do to satisfy Jason, and his mind comes up blank, but Jason, already moving closer, has a pretty good idea. Face to face with Ty, his eyes communicate his intentions, and Ty, shady neighbor extrordinaire, rolls right with the punches, lowering himself down onto the couch to service Jason as he lay back down on the sofa. Ty takes Jason's long, thick cock into his mouth as Jason gets hard. Ty works his balls and Jason realizes this may have been the best possible surprise he could've asked for, and when Ty climbs aboard and begins to ride him, it's confirmed. Ty gives Jason a sweaty ride, working his cock from above as Jason gives him the full length of his business, Ty's dick bouncing on his chest throughout. They fuck all over the sofa until Ty ends up on his back with his dick rock hard and Jason pumping him full of hot, hard meat. Ty loses his load, shooting it all over himself as Jason continues to pound away. He pulls out and wets Ty down with his batch, coating Ty in an afternoon load satisfies Jason's curiosity enough to ask Ty if he still needs those nails. Ty smiles. Enjoy!

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Jason is very obviously gay for pay and a bore!
2018-08-03 02:03
ADMIN - Thanks for your feedback guys! Just a reminder, comments that promote other sites to members are routinely edited or deleted as necessary.  - Martin
2018-07-19 17:24
If you really appreciate my comments:  you would  listen to them and I might have kept my membership .  Your site is dull and unimaginative!!!
2018-08-03 02:06
I am so sick and tired of all the whining about Jason and similar models. All the members threatening to cancel also irks me. NDS releases at least 4 scenes a week. In that mix you get everything you could ask for, rimming, kissing, flip/flop etc. Jason, for now, is more comfortable as a top, why push performers into something they are not ready for? I recall very similar remarks way back when about Mark Long and look how most members changed their tune about him! Jason is still very new to porn(for God's sake, he only debuted in January!), so everyone needs to chill with all the negativity.
2018-07-06 22:30
ADMIN - Thanks for sharing your point of view. Next Door Studios is updated 4 to 5 times per week and we are keenly aware that not every scene is going to resonate with every member. - Martin
2018-07-19 17:39
I keep saying I really want to like him, but he keeps disappointing me. If you keep him around, just have him passed out when a bottom comes in and hops on his dick (while he stays asleep the whole time). I think that's the role he's born to play.
2018-07-06 21:21
Excellent scene. More sofa sex with these amazing visuals.
2018-07-05 18:14
Major companies have failed, and are out of business,  -  because  they no longer  provided their customer's with a reason  to...continue purchasing their product.  When you have totally worthless and annoying models like Jason and some others...and continue to pay no attention to your member's constant and on-going complaints...I'm wondering how long NDS will allow models like Jason to destroy their brand?   And how much longer NDS thinks that they will be  relevant in today's very competitive and consumer driven market?   Austin Wilde was astute enough to be in touch with the changing needs of what today's gay porn members want.   And so cleverly went out on his own, and in no time at all - his company has became a great success.
2018-07-04 22:54
WOW, This JASON need to work more hard like SUCKING AND RIMING JASON you need bring back some better TOPS man< SORRY BUT this JASON RICHARDS wherever he's name is need to do something else, this getting old man C'mon NEXTDOOR STUDIOS have better TOPS
2018-07-04 18:56
I voted "Like' this scene because of Ty, not Jason.  Any scene that has handsome blond Ty sucking cock and taking it up his hot butt is a good scene.   As for passionless gay for pay Jason, he is the reason that the "Like/Dislike" vote is so close.  I do not object to gay for pay models doing gay porn, but they should at least kiss and suck dick.  Jason did kiss, but that was it.  Anyone lucky enough to be having sex with Ty should want to suck that big blond cock.
2018-07-04 16:59
Please get rid of Jason
2018-07-04 13:45
I consistently get really excited when I see a new video of Jason's about to come out, but then when I watch it all the excitement goes away. I thought he was camera shy in his first videos, but now I just get the feeling he does it cause he has to, and he does not look like he enjoys it. My fantasy with him starts off good and then I picture us together and me leaving later thinking "why did I do that?". Wow he has so much physical beauty but no passion. Ty did a great job by the way.  But it seems like Jason is just doing a motion until someone says change positions. As an example of what to do better, Steve Rogers and Markie More slow down and pull in and out really slowly and other variations for good camera angles and also it makes it appear that they enjoy it. Like when Ty did Stranger in the Park as a bottom and also when he did Cheaters Needs as a top/bottom. Jason doesn't do any of that. If he is GFP as some other guys say, then  maybe he should go to the straight porn. Ty, by the way, is great a a top or a bottom and he gets into it. I could fantasize about him and picture leaving later with a HUGE smile on my face! I just wanted to say that too because this video was great as far as Ty was concerned. He just didn't get much to work with and he still made the best of it. Thanks Ty!
2018-07-04 06:39
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