She Told Me To Help

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  • 01-10-2018
  • 24:18 min
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Categories: Amateur, Blonde, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Deep throat, Brunette, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Masturbation, Facial Hair
Starring Leo Luckett, Jay Tee

When Jay Tee's girlfriend realizes she's late for work, Jay Tee suddenly worries about his unserviced morning hard on. Staring at his rock hard dick, he wonders what he's gonna do to bust his nut. Luckily, Jay's girlfriend has sent neighbor Leo Luckett over to help. Jay is skeptical at first, but Leo convinces him that his girlfriend not only approves, but that she broke up with her last guy because he wasn't willing to keep an open mind. Jay remains slightly unconvinced until Leo wraps his lips around Jay's cock. Suddenly, Jay realizes this isn't so bad, and so he relents, letting Leo have his way. Leo sucks him off like a champ, asking him how long it will take for him to cum. Jay tells him he can't really cum from a blow job, and Leo smiles as he bends over, telling Jay to slide it in. Jay does as he's told, shoving his raw cock deep inside Leo's waiting hole, and he proceeds to pound his neighbor all over the bed, fucking the cum out of Leo before spitting his load all over him. Looking down at him, Jay realizes his girlfriend's neighbor might be the best part about this relationship.


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Why is this tagged "facial hair"?
2018-08-08 00:07
I this scene in the "like" primarily because of Leo. Jay Tee seemed bored. At least he gave Leo a blow job. I would like to see Jay Tee do another scene and next time be in to it. Jay Tee reminded me the whole time of Damien West. He also seemed like he didn't like gay sex.
2018-01-23 21:42
WOW, more Jay Tee. Hope he bottoms soon.
2018-01-16 15:09
Jay Tee has all the makings  of  a  great porn star .  He has the looks, charm  and is not a bad actor.  In other words lets have more of him.
2018-01-12 22:51
Wouldn't a "great" gay pornstar have to show some interest in having sex with another guy?
2018-01-13 03:18
As far as I'm concerned, Leo Luckett is luscious! He's what we used to call a dreamboat. Jay Tee is hot, too, but Leo is the stuff that dreams are made of. His adorable face, beautiful skin, gorgeous ass, toned body, and delectable cock are mind-blowing. I'm in love. More Leo!! PLEASE!
2018-01-11 12:16
By the time I watched this scene, there was no woman in it, so I guess that she was edited out.  I would have been upset if she stopped those two nice cum shots and JT from breeding Leo.  So, now that she is gone, let's discuss the good things about this scene:  nice seduction plot; while JT was playing a kind of gay for pay role, he gave some really good head to Leo for several minutes, so don't even think about branding him a gay for pay straight who will not suck cock (he did, and he did it well); JT has a smoking hot body unmarred by ugly tattoos (Leo has a few, not horrible, but he would be better without them);  and nice cum shots by both guys with JT breeding Leo.  Leo is a known quality young bottom.  I would really like to see JT come back for more scenes, including getting his hot butt fucked.
2018-01-10 23:07
Did we misplace our glasses, 5697?  Are you kidding?  The scene opens with a chick in bed with him and then she gets out of bed with her tits hanging out, etc.
2018-01-11 16:49
That pic of the woman edited out was of her coming in at the end of the scene and catching the boys in the act.  That's the one edited out.
2018-01-13 21:55
The whole gay4pay thing is fantasy, for some guys it's a turn on but most of us know they are enjoying it.  Don't assume because a guy is masculine he is straight.  That being said I can't wait for Jay Tee to bottom and ND make it good, show off that beautiful ass being fucked!
2018-01-10 19:10
Way too much politics/political correctness.  I may have to stop reading the comments.
2018-01-10 11:34
But in the 21st century isn't the straight seduction premise kind of dated. I don't have a problem with a seduction scene with someone who has a wife or girlfriend, but why does it have to be, "No bro, I'm not gay!" Why can't it just be, "No, I can't mess around with you because I have a 'significant other'"?
2018-01-10 10:31
No, it's not. Some people find it hot and some people will always find it hot. My desire to be inclusive and politically correct stops at my dick.
2018-01-10 22:46
It has nothing to do with being politically correct. I just don't understand why in this day and age when many people are identifying as "sexual" and not wanting labels, sites like this would want to continue perpetuating such a cliched gay porn scenario.
2018-01-10 23:06
I think JT is unbelievably sexy!! He may be "learning the ropes" about sex with another man, but the  bj and steady pounding he gives are the kind of straight forward fuck that can drive me wild (even if he could be a bit more passionate)!! Please don't bail on him, that body, cock and face are too good to miss out on!! Please-Please-Please... MORE JT!!! Also, my guess is all those saying that don't care for the scene or him,wouldn't say "no" if the opportunity to have sex with with him in "real life" presented itself! They know they would!!
2018-01-10 07:42
That completely misses the point. There are lots of people we may wish to have sex with - but that doesn't mean they would be any good at making porn, as this scene makes all too clear.
2018-01-10 08:34
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