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  • 02-24-2018
  • 40:18 min
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Categories: Amateur, Blonde, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Oral, Deep throat, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick, Ass Play
Starring Gunner, Elye Black

For Elye Black, casual internet hookups are a regular thing, just one way he gets his regular rocks off. But for closeted Gunner, secret meets with strangers is the only way he feels comfortable expressing his true desire. By day, he has to play the straight soldier with a girlfriend, but every now and again he lets himself indulge in in what he really wants, and today is Elye's lucky day. He can't wait to get inside Gunner's perfect ass, and even though Gunner seems nervous, Elye knows that soon enough he'll forget all about his reservations. He has his way with Gunner, fingering his hole as he tongues it, before plunging his thick cock deep inside. He slowly works his giant dick in and out of Gunner's raw hole, before picking up the pace and pounding him as Gunner strokes his dick and watches Elye go in and out. Gunner is rock hard as Elye continues to fuck him. They flip over and Gunner rides Elye's meaty prick, leaning back as Elye fucks him and jerks him off at the same time. Once Gunner has had his fill, he flips onto his back and tells Elye to fuck the cum out of him. Elye obliges and begins to pound as Gunner strokes himself off, losing his load in a messy explosion as Elye pulls out and coats his hole with his own load. He plays with the the cum with the tip of his dick before shoving it back inside of Gunner, leaning down to kiss him before sending off this soldier back into duty.Enjoy!

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Great sence would love to be gunner
2018-05-29 01:00
Was away for a while. Glad I am back. Nothing like watching Gunner get plowed for my triumphant return.
2018-04-18 07:45
Una escena deliciosa!
2018-02-25 20:04
I love to see a guy with a beautiful ass ride a dick on his knees.  MORE PLEASE!!
2018-02-25 18:27
This goes on my favorite list.  Anything with  Gunner especially as a bottom is top shelf with me.  Gunner  took almost 19 minutes of pleasure,  GREAT job!!! Only thing I would have added  was Gunner getting a mouth full of Elye.  Maybe next time or a part 2.
2018-02-25 06:08
Hot pairing of Elye and Gunner.  Gunner portrayed well the hot young straight Marine seeking to be fucked on the down low.  Elye was happy to give Gunner the fucking he needed and wanted.  Loved Elye's last line of dialogue:  "Was that enough dick for you straight boy?"  Nice scene.
2018-02-24 22:35
Gunner is hot as fuck!
2018-02-24 22:11
Hot pairing, especially since they used to go to the same porno college.  Shame it wasn't a flip.  Gunner has a great dick and Elye knows how to take it.
2018-02-07 02:29
How about moving this video up in the rotation.......going to be difficult to wait to see the complete video of Mr Black taking control of Mr Gunner.
2018-02-06 10:47
Love Gunner especially when he bottoms.    More of both much more!
2018-02-04 05:48