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  • 08-01-2018
  • 35:28 min
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Categories: Amateur, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Deep throat, Threesome, Brunette, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick, Masturbation

Locked in an escape room, Nathan Styles and his boyfriend Gunner are faced with the task of following the clues to find their way out, but instead, they decide they'd rather stay locked in the room for a little while together. When the proprietor of the business, Dax Carter, checks on them, he finds Gunner laying on the bed naked with his dick in Nathan's mouth. Dax asks what the hell is going on and Nathan takes the dick out of his mouth long enough to tell him to join. Dax considers it for a second before deciding to take off his clothes and see what he's missing, and Nathan immediately begins sucking him off as Gunner positions himself behind Nathan, plunging his raw cock deep into Nathan's waiting hole. Dax watches as Gunner pounds Nathan from behind, before finally getting his chance when Nathan mounts him for a ride. Gunner shoves his cock in Nathan's mouth as Dax grabs his waist and thrusts into him from below. They switch one more time and Gunner spreads Nathan's legs and gives him one last fuck. Nathan strokes himself as Gunner works his magic, and Nathan spits his load all over his stomach just as Dax unloads all over his chest. Gunner sees Nathan covered in cum and pulls out, jizzing all over his boyfriend's hole. Dax admits this was a much more fun way to spend the hour, and the three of them laugh.


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ADMIN - Thanks for all your feedback about Dax. It has been given to production and they've confirmed he isn't one we'll be bringing back. - Martin
2018-08-09 13:49
Love seeing the big muscle men like Dax and gunner in scenes! Story was poor but good choice in men!
2018-08-02 10:57
Completely disappointing. This was thrown together for the MODELS to collect a quick paycheck. Absolutely no passion, chemistry, or mutual attraction for the participants. This was SO beneath the usual high standards of Gunner. Some porn scenes should not be released for the BETTER good of all involved. SIGH!!!
2018-08-02 06:04
I'm not sure Dax could have chemistry/passion with any partner. He is so stiff....and not in a good way. Porn may not be his calling.
2018-08-03 22:43
Wow. I hadn't read the reviews before watching this scene, but am glad I'm not the only one who thinks this is awful. There is ZERO chemistry.   B O R I N G  ZZZZZZ
2018-08-02 05:26
Normally love Nathan and Gunner, but this scene was really boring, especially, Dax who contributed very little to the scene.
2018-08-02 01:04
Scene was a waste of Gunner.....the man had a very hot body and it was completely ignored by both guys.  What a waste!!
2018-08-01 17:29
These guys were about as exciting as watching grass grow.
2018-08-01 15:08
Gunner is very hot.  His taste in underwear is so hot.  Need more displays of underwear by this site.  You generally just strip them off with the pants and never leave time to enjoy the sexiness of underwear and their sensual removal.
2018-08-01 15:04
I tried watching this scene and didn't make it very far. It was what I expected. It's boring! I jumped ahead most of the scene. The premise should have had more thought put into it. Escape rooms have four solid walls with one door and no windows. Putting people in a bright, sunny bedroom does not make it an escape room. Gunner who is my favorite of the three did nothing for me. Nathan was alright. Dax added nothing. His performances are crappy. He never has chemistry with his scene partners. At this point, I've got to agree with the others by saying cut Dax loose. However, I have one thing I will stick up for about Dax, and that is he is NOT FAT! My boyfriend and he has roughly the same shape, build, and height, and I know my man is NOT FAT! With that said, these are my parting words, Dax, you are the weakest link. Goodbye!
2018-08-01 13:13
If you ask me, you can cross Dax from your porn shot schedule, since I want be watching any porn with him after this lackluster and his appearance in a bi scene on another site today. This guy proofs that he is a poor performer, and evidently gay sex is a real torment for him.
2018-08-01 10:01
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