Roommate Relief

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  • 11-28-2018
  • 29:57 min
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Categories: Amateur, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Oral, Brunette, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Masturbation, Facial Hair, Big Muscles

When you find your big dicked roommate hiding in your room with your underwear up to his face, what are you supposed to do? Well if you're Trevor Laster, you let him have a taste of what he came for, and if your roommate is the cock hungry Donte Thick, then it's probably a good decision, especially after you watch him down your cock in one swallow, choking himself on your hard dick before feeding you his hole and then sliding up and down on your bareback cock. Trevor watches as Donte gives up the ass, yelling at Trevor to fuck him harder and harder. Trevor obliges and fucks Donte like he owes him money, pounding him in every position, fucking the cum out of him and then nutting all over his hole. If you were Trevor, you'd do the same.Enjoy!

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Trevor is fine. beautiful body. love that ass.
2019-02-22 16:41
Trevor Laster, Donte Thick sound, sealed & delivered.
2019-01-06 04:12
Again people Rocco and Cameron are two different directors. I love both of their works. Some of you people just don't understand why their are differences and similarities in two guys directing porn. Please both directors know what they are doing so please shut the fuck up about it. They both make good movies and bad movies. They are human!
2018-12-02 15:27
All I can say is wow. Great scene especially the end with Trevor pushing his come inside and Donte pushing it out. Made me so hard I had to really keep my composure not to shoot a load into my underwear. Beautiful scene all around. Excellent performance from both Trevor and Donte.
2018-12-02 15:22
All around excellent scene!
2018-11-30 12:16
I fucking love this Donte !!!  I hope to run into him  One !!!  I did make it worth his while !!$$
2018-11-29 03:20
It's hard for me to watch a scene with Trevor and he not get fucked, but who knew Donte could ride a dick like that!
2018-11-28 23:33
Damn.  I didn't know Trevor could eat an ass like that.  I hope one day someone does the same to him.
2018-11-28 20:52
Trevor Laster is a total God!
2018-11-28 10:59
That beautiful ass of Trevor Laster completely ignored......and then you even ignore the rest of his beautiful body.  The man has spent many hours in the gym to get that body and it is ignored........ruined the video for me.
2018-11-28 08:36
Two gorgeous HUNKY MUSCULAR men that Rocco had at his disposal for this scene and it was not up to Rocco Fallon standards. Both bodies needed more attention and worship. What a disappointment. No kissing, rimming of Trevor's ass, or further intimacy while fucking. TRAGIC. I hope Rocco is not developing some of Cameron Dalile's bad HABITS in direction. SIGH!!!
2018-11-28 11:09
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