Sniff & Eat

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  • 02-16-2019
  • 33:40 min
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Categories: Amateur, Anal Sex, Oral, Deep throat, Brunette, Hairy, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick, Ass Play

Pizza guy Donte Thick might show up late, but in the sack he definitely delivers, and he promises to fill you with hot sausage, one way or another. Chris Knight is about to find that out the hard way, and he couldn't be happier about the arrangement. After sucking each other off, Donte eats his ass and then slides his cock deep inside Chris' hole, pounding him all over the bed. Donte fucks him raw while stroking his cock, and Chris realizes this gives a whole new meaning to the term 'extra pepperoni'. As Donte spreads his legs, Chris shoots his special sauce all over himself as Donte delivers one final blast of heavy cream to Chris' palate. Enjoy!

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2019-02-22 21:52
two total pigs going at it.  LOVE IT.  And I agree... can't go wrong with Dante
2019-02-22 21:50
Donte Thick is my favorite top in porn ... I love his tight muscular body, his masculine attitude and most of all his huge fat veiny cock
This guy should have a profile on
2019-02-22 20:15
In this revival of the classic gay porn movie "the Pizza Boy He Delivers", Donte plays the pizza delivery boy, and customer Chris gives the pizza boy the ultimate tip, his ass to fuck raw!  Great scene!
2019-02-18 21:28
Donte's enthusiasm  is unmatched by any other model on ND.  He never disappoints. Love his total commitment to his partners.   These two full bush bears are great together.  Chris is a great bottom and rivals Donte in the enthusiasm department.  He is a great bottom.  More of both.
2019-02-16 06:35
Donte needs to have a Scene fucking Spencer.  He'd be perfect at seducing Spencer and getting him hungry for a big dick.
2019-02-16 06:05
100% agree!!
2019-02-16 07:35
Donte is so very fine!!!!  Love ya, Donte!!!!
2019-01-26 11:32
Super sexy man!
2019-02-16 02:13
I miss his more verbal side.  He was great at talking dirty.
2019-02-16 06:06
Yep - he's one of Next Door's models who are always hot and seem to be having a great time (others include Quentin, Trevor Laster, Lance Ford and Dante Martin).  The rest, who look as though they would rather be doing something else, should be ditched in their favor.  Good scene.
2019-02-16 09:09