Overcharged Breeding

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  • 03-03-2018
  • 27:36 min
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Categories: Amateur, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Oral, Deep throat, Brunette, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick, Ass Play

With his card maxed out, Ryan Jordan asks roomie Sean Maygers just what the hell he charged on it. Ryan was all for letting Sean use his account, but it seems Sean has gone buck ass wild and charged it to the limit, and now Ryan is looking for some hard compensation. Sean asks him what he has in mind, and Ryan unzips his pants and lets his giant cock fall out of his fly. Sean takes one look at it and tells him that it's kind of a big task. Ryan tells him he better get started then, and Sean quickly does as he's instructed, taking Ryan's cock deep into his throat. He polishes Ryan's cock with his tongue and Ryan is rock hard, but Sean still has work to do, so he bends over as Ryan plunges his dick deep into Sean's hole, fucking him raw from behind, long dicking him all over the bed and showing no mercy as he Sean works his dick. Ryan fucks the cum out of Sean, who spits his load all over himself as Ryan pulls out and gives Sean a nice facial, blasting him with a sick load that coats Sean. He lay there cum covered and exhausted, but Ryan tells him he's not even close to working his debt all the way off. Looks like Sean and Ryan have some future business in store for them.Enjoy!

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Dsmn that was hot! Sean looks great when he is the only bottom in the scene and Ryan is smoking sexy too!
2018-11-05 06:23
Sean is so handsome and looks even better with cum on his beautiful face!
2018-07-20 21:30
Well that was just smoking hot. I love Ryan's edgy "str8 boy" vibe. And then there is Sean. Damn. Such a fucking hot scene!
2018-07-12 11:54
Sexy Ryan and his dick is such a dream... more sucking Ryan vids like this please.
2018-04-30 23:19
Sean Mayors is so hung as a HORSE, I could not believe my eyes when I first saw him, his cock is really HUGE !!!  Like that tattoed body of Sean too and being a hot BOTTOM for Ryan Jordan too.   Ryan and Sean Mayors are really hung as hell, bring both men soon back Editor NDRAW, !!!
2018-04-02 10:09
a great hot scene which would be hotter with some wet kissing.  Love the verbal bottom
2018-03-11 22:10
HOT!  Great scene.  Loved the cock sucking, verbal bottom, hard ass pounding and a nice facial with a cock cleaning at the end.
2018-03-10 13:35
Two hot models, two big cocks.  Love the payback suck and fuck for Sean maxing out Ryan's credit card plot.  Nice ending of Ryan fucking the cum out of Sean, and then Sean eating most of Ryan's cum.  True, the models went off script from the originally planned breeding, but Sean's cum eating exhibition made that excusable.
2018-03-05 21:58
ADMIN - Yes! Great comment! We're glad you liked this one. Thanks! - Martin
2018-03-08 11:06
yes Martin, hope you will bring Sean Maygers with Markie Moore or Dante Martin in the coming future.... those men are so HUNG !!!!!
2018-04-02 10:12
Sean is hot as hell, but next time I want him riding a dick on his knees, show off that beautiful ass!!
2018-03-04 22:48
Well this site has gone to the place it needed to go. I love this format of all bareback sex with variations on the come shots. I prefer the guy to me come inside the asshole and see it ooze out but you do the pullout and have him come outside and push the come back in there. I know in this one you had the guy come on the face. Most of your scenes show rimming. So I love the variety that you are providing. As far as I am concerned since you've been on this bareback sex format the quality of the eroticism on your site is excellent. Keep up this work and the models are so fucking hot.
2018-03-04 21:50
Absolutely agree; models are gettin g hotter and hooter all the time. There were super hotties already like Markie More, Quentin Gains, Mark Long, Lance Ford , Dante Martin, etc. but guys like Gunner and Sean absolutely did rise the amount. Ryan has an incredible big, fat vascular cock, almost unreal for a Twink boyish guy like him. Sean sure knows how to take that dark raw man meat. This is hot as hell. Love every part of this performance of hot man sex. Gorgeous NDS!
2018-03-25 02:59
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