Party Pairing

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  • 08-15-2018
  • 32:49 min
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Seeing his roomie Zander B down in the dumps, Dante Martin finds out it's Zander's birthday and none of his friends bothered to remember. Zander is moping but Dante thinks he's got just the special surprise that can turn this party around, and he quickly returns with a can of whipped cream and nothing else, save for his hard dick staring straight up at Zander. Zander tells him he's surprised as Dante tells him to come blow out his candle. Zander makes a wish and blows, taking Dante's cock deep down his throat as he takes off his clothes. Dante returns the favor before asking Zander if he's ready for cake. Zander is confused until Dante lays him down and sits on his face, spraying the whipped cream all over his hole and telling Zander to dig in. Zander can't wait, happily diving face first into Dante's crack, tongue fucking Dante's hole as Dante strokes him off. Dante quickly gets in the mood to fuck, and turns Zander around, perching his ass high in the air as Dante plunges his cock deep inside. He gives Zander the birthday bang of his life, fucking him all over the bed before Zander finally spits his load. Dante pulls out and gives him one last gift- a giant jizz shower- that leaves Zander satisfied and feeling much better about his special day. Enjoy!

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Hot, hot, hot
2019-04-15 20:04
Dante Martin, you are my favorite your smooth sexy body ....could not believe my eyes when I saw you 1st time taking out your tight Jeans pants.....your cock, you are so horse hung Dante......your cock is really HUGE !!!!!  Never saw this huge cock before....LOLZZZ  You are such a hot guy, love you Dante and love to see you barebacking ...with Zander B in this video...!
2018-09-13 14:50
Hello!! Pubic hair is not a negative thing!! Why does almost every update this week feature a model with NO pubic hair!! Its getting ridiculous. I am not saying we need to see big ole 70's bushes, but some hair would be nice!
2018-08-17 21:53
As a long time fan of Dante, it is rare to see him top, so this was a fun scene to watch.  Birthday plot set up Dante's cock with whipped cream on it being offered, accepted and sucked by cute twink Zander B. Dante then fucks the cum out of Zander and breeds him for a Happy Birthday present!  Well done boys!
2018-08-16 21:48
What can I say?  It's Dante!   Thumbs UP all the way.  Thanks NDS.
2018-08-16 11:26
Every time Dante Martin shows I'm stunned b=y his perfect smooth all ov er shaven physique. For one reason it suits that even his pubes are completely bald. His face and his body match so well. Combined with his alabaster colored skin he looks such like an ancient sculpture, although his dick is much, much bigger than used to be aesthetic in those lost days. Pairing him with Zander is perfect. It is obvious that there is chemistry and the kissing, cock sucking, ass eating and fucking seems such a natural matter here. This scene is a good one; it has all a scene between two handsome sexy guys needs. Zander is a cute newbie. Next to his sweet boyish face, I like his treasure trail going down to his short trimmed pubes, ending up at his perfect sized dick and balls. Wanna see much more of this dude too.
2018-08-16 06:34
Nice PHAT as on Zander, show it off more!!
2018-08-15 23:52
I liked this one, some kissing, hard dicks while getting fucked, cute guys, a bed.   But really, the whip cream on the dick?  That wasn't needed, its been done a hundred times in porn.  So tired.    You don't need this NDS!!!!   Hot sex only and great chemistry between your models, period.
2018-08-15 22:57
Damn! Dante can shoot a big load! Always great to see...
2018-08-15 18:09
That's one drab-ass bedroom.  I think we've seen enough of it.
2018-08-15 16:24
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