Places to Fuck

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  • 04-07-2018
  • 40:40 min
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Categories: Amateur, Interracial, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Oral, Deep throat, Bareback, Big Dick, Rimming, Climax

Walking through the parking garage on the way up to his apartment, Dante Martin thinks he sees what appears to be a man struggling in his car, perhaps having some kind of medical issue. As he approaches the car, it turns out that the guy inside is merely jacking himself off, but he stops suddenly when he turns and sees Dante. Dante frantically panics and runs off up to his building. The man exits his car and follows just a few moments behind. When Dante makes it to his apartment he thinks he's in the clear but a quick knock on the door lets him know he'll have to confront this. When he opens the door, David Strong apologizes and explains that his place is overcrowded and he never has any private time. Dante tells him it's no big deal and apologizes for intruding on him. Then, with his nerve steadied, Dante suggests that maybe David would like to come inside. David jumps at the chance and quickly he and Dante make their way back to the bedroom. Once there, Dante showers David with attention, undressing him and laying his sculpted body down on the bed. Dante then proceeds to give David the best head he's had in quite some time. David, already horny as hell, returns the favor before flipping Dante over. With Dante's hole staring up at him, David dives face first, tongue fucking him and getting him nice and moist for David's cock. He stands and plunges it deep into Dante's waiting hole, fucking him hard from behind as he grabs Dante by the waist. Dante grabs the bedspread and holds on as David picks up his pace, fucking rapidly as Dante backs his ass up against David's cock.David has his fill then gives Dante a chance to get his, laying down as Dante shoves his hard dick inside. Dante would've never figured that David liked to take it raw, but David eats it up, moaning in pleasure as Dante works and grinds on his hole. David strokes his cock like he was in his car as Dante fills him up with hot dick, and even though he's close, he wants one more crack at Dante's crack before he spits his load, so he stands Dante up and fucks him against the wall, perching Dante's ass high and giving him a few good thrusts before pulling out and blasting Dante's back with his warm jizz. He rubs his cock against Dante's ass as Dante strokes himself dry, spitting his load onto the floor as David pulls him in close. Dante tells him now he's at least got one place to fuck.Enjoy!

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Editor, this video is amazing hot, Dante Martin and David Strong are both very hot, great men and both are Hung as a Horse !!! Their cocks are really huge, like Dante Martin he is 1 of my favorite man !!
2018-04-23 12:38
Wow, two very hot men. Dante is always gorgeous with his muscular body and raging cock that seems to shoot such lushious loads. Now David is such a hot tall guy with a big cock to match. Watching Dante sucking David's big dick while fucking him was a real treat. David should have shot his load down Dante's throat. David is such a wonderful guy fucking Dante. That big dick should have unloaded in Dante's sweet ass too. Hope you have David Strong back for many more bareback movies.Anyway thank you for pairing up these two hot men.
2018-04-20 22:37
Fucking HOT!  Oh, and I loved how the cameraman included the "do not walk on ramps" guys were walking up the ramp.  :-)
2018-04-11 18:08
Ty Huber
Really excellent.  I loved the contrast between the tall David and the shorter but muscular Dante.  Really good chemistry between these two.  Flipfucks are the best.  I loved the pillow talk, but am sad to confess I couldn't hear everything!   Rimming was superb.  My only regret is that the scene didn't end with David topping Dante in missionary -- maybe on the floor.  The standing position was okay, but didn't allow things to get as hot as they might have.  Also, video images seem a bit washed out compared to older scenes -- I'm thinking of scenes from five years ago with much more vibrant color (and, counterintuitively, smaller file sizes for download).  Not sure what's u with that, but I hope the NDS production folks will work on producing really spectacular images, especially with models as hot as these two.
2018-04-11 00:38
The best scene lately I've seen on next door.  Much more of David and Dante please.  I felt like they were really enjoying each other :  I didn't think they were just there to be paid. Some cum eating would have made it even better though.
2018-04-10 19:27
Literally came on here for Dante and for whatever reason I've never been that into tall guys. Then I watched this video and immediately fell in love with David Strong. Now I want to catch myself a David wanking in his car so I can get something like this. He is seriously hot and would love to see him in future films. Also, I hope they update his bio, I'm curious to know how big that package of his is.
2018-04-09 22:06
Hi 01089! Just updated his bio, he's packing 9" ;) - Martin
2018-04-16 12:34
Great scene.  Loved David.  And Dante has always been a favorite.   Loving sex is the ultimate in sharing.  A big part of that sharing, between men, is when they cum.  So I've never quite understood why they share their cum anywhere but on or in each other.  Cuming On Dante's ass is a waste as is his cuming on the floor.  Share it boys.
2018-04-09 11:31
Loved all of it and yes David is beautiful. Great pairing. More like this too please.
2018-04-08 17:41
OUTSTANDING scene!! Loved all the foreplay, especially the hot nipple play. I do wish there had been a creampie at the end.
2018-04-08 01:09
What a scene !!! David is fucking sexy and gave a lot to the camera. He knows what he's doing and is clearly enjoying it. He's versatile and has a dominating side ("spread those fucking cheeks")... What more could we ask for ? Oh yes, to see him back in many more scenes ! Like others have suggested, a scene with Mathias would be great. Thanks NDS.
2018-04-07 23:19
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