Private Ambassador

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  • 10-04-2017
  • 35:15 min
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As a VIP guest of the hotel, Johnny Riley is used to getting his way, so when he calls the hotel's ambassador, Dalton Riley, to his room, Johnny's intentions are immediately clear. With a call down to the front desk, Johnny lets the hotel know that Dalton will be indisposed for the next hour or so, and he turns to Dalton and lets him know he can help Dalton's professional aspirations if Dalton is willing to help him with his own ASSpirations. Dalton picks up what Johnny is putting down, and opens his robe and begins kissing down his naked body. Johnny is in great shape, and Dalton quickly finds himself turned on by the prospect, especially when Johnny sits him down and strips him out of his shirt and tie, sucking him off in the chair before leaning back on the sofa and spreading his legs for Dalton to get a good glimpse of his hole. Dalton fingers it delicately and spits on it to moisten it up, replacing his finger with his hard cock and fucking Johnny on the couch raw. He watches as Johnny takes every inch of his hard dick, sliding it in and out of Johnny slowly, then picking up the pace and fucking him harder and harder. Johnny flips him over and takes a seat on his cock, riding him reverse and jerking himself off as he spits his load onto the hotel carpet, as Dalton drains his cock deep inside Johnny's hole, seeding him with his but and then pulling out to watch it trickle and spill out onto the head of his cock, before shoving it back in. Johnny enjoys it all and tells Dalton he's going to run a fine hotel some day. Enjoy!

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This is so fucking good!!
Congrats for both actors
Real GREAT job!!
2018-06-07 16:42
Two very hot models.  Loved watching Johnny ride Dalton's cock.
Dalton should have stayed in and pumped his load up Johnny's ass.  A nice slow withdrawl with cum dripping out of sweet Johnny's even sweeter hole.  :)
2018-06-03 14:58
2017-11-18 17:49
Loved everything about this scene. Terrific that Johnny is sporting that hot beard. Dalton looked great in the outfit and out. Plus always enjoy watching him top. Nice ending with Dalton and getting to see him in and pulling out only a little to then go back. Very enjoyable.  More!!
2017-10-29 15:19
I loved seeing Johnny and Dalton together in a scene. The fantasy was done very well. I would of loved seeing a flip fuck and some cum in the mouth.
2017-10-07 19:20
The beginning of the scene is so fucking HOT. Dalton is really SEXY in his shirt and tie. Johnny is DEVINE. Love John's seduction of Dalton. SUPERB!!!
2017-10-07 07:13
I told you about Dalton.  ;)
2017-10-08 19:21
Did not show off Johnny's beautiful ass, that is a crime. He should always ride a dick so we can see it go in and out.
2017-10-04 23:13
We do not often see Dalton top, but he proved to be very good one in this scene.  I agree that he looked really hot in his hotel ambassador uniform.  Nice ending of Johnny getting his big load of cum fucked out of him, and Dalton starting to cum in Johnny's butt, then pulling out to shoot some more, and then breeding Johnny.  Very good scene.
2017-10-04 21:58
The only thing I dislike about this is Johnny not getting to stick it to Dalton (who looks ridiculously hot in that outfit).
2017-10-04 01:27