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  • 06-01-2016
  • 31:14 min
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Categories: Amateur, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Deep throat, Brunette, Bareback, Masturbation, Ass Play, Facial Hair, Rimming

The club is popping and the drinks are flowing for the employees of the go-go club but backstage, the real heat is happening, as Brendan Phillips eyes bartender Addison Graham while he grabs his back stock. Noticing Addison's hard on through his short shorts, Brendan tells Addison he should help him out before he goes back out to his clientele. Addison is worried about his shift but Brendan tells him someone else will cover him, as he reaches for Addison's cock. Addison has been crushing on Brendan for quite some time, and though it's not ideal, he's eager to seize on the offer, so he tells one of his bar backs to cover him and closes the storage closet door, as Brendan pulls his shorts off and begins to suck him off. Addison's hard on grows from passive to full on and raging as Brendan just keeps on deep throating him. Growing more horny by the second, Addison pushes Brendan up against the wall and tears him out of his shorts, falling to his knees as he returns the favor, sucking Brendan's huge cock as he strokes himself off. Brendan, who is used to getting his way, pushes Addison's head further down onto his cock before flipping around to let Addison have his way with him. Addison doesn't hesitate, shoving his raw cock all the way inside Brendan, pumping him full of hot hard cock. As Addison thrusts and pounds, Brendan strokes himself off, as they switch positions and Brendan rides Addison reverse, legs spread, cock hard as a rock, as he spits his load all over the floor below. Flipping him over one more time, Addison pushes Brendan up against the counter and proceeds to fuck him as hard as he can. Brendan begs Addison to breed his hole, and Addison complies, gushing his load all over Brendan's hole before shoving his raw cock back inside, just as the bar back calls for Addison to come back to work.


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Will we ever see Addison again???

He's a great top!
2017-05-28 13:51
The Club is hoping and the drinks are flowing". So funny. This is rather lame because the club looks like the entry to someone's garage at their house. I know NDS can do better.
2017-02-04 17:43
This is a great film .... love the whole jocks getting off together thing ...... you can see Brendan Phillips loves getting fucked ....... Addison Graham has a beautiful dick ..... big mushroom head .... love the way he seeds Brendan's hole. Altogether this film gets me rock hard and gets me off ..... YUM
2017-01-01 11:39
2016-10-01 16:13
6 June

Hot go-go boys!  Where's the club?
2016-06-06 02:36
So what is it that makes you think that Addison is British, when A he doesn't have  British accent, and B he's circumcised?
2016-06-02 17:37
LOL, good question. Our members seem to have wild imaginations.
2016-06-03 13:06
How would you describe his accent?
2016-06-08 23:14
Watch this great scene!  Every prior scene I had watched featuring Addison had him bottom.  So it was great to see him top and fuck Brendan raw.  When Addison and Brendan stood side by side both rock hard, Brendan appeared to be somewhat longer, so this scene could have easily had Brendan top (which I would like to see him do some day) or the two flip flop.  I preferred Brendan in his earlier videos where he looked much younger without his beard, but Brendan still gives great head and is an outstanding bottom even with the beard.  Great ending of Brendan shooting big while being fucked, and Addison shooting a big load onto Brendan's hole and then using his cock to push all of his load up Brendan's butt.  Besides the great sex, two other interesting things about this scene:  the obviously British Addison with his accent fucking the Irish kid Brendan (nice ethnic touch), and Brendan throughout the scene wearing his baseball hat on backwards.  Next Door should as much as possible have its twink bottoms wear baseball hats on backwards.  It is hot as hell, and gives one something to think about every time you see an 18-22 year old handsome hot twink walking down the street with his baseball hat on backwards.
2016-06-01 22:50
let them cum inside.  I only want to see the cum felching out of the hole.
2016-06-01 22:31
I like it either way:  it's really hot when the top cums into the bottom's butt, and you get to watch the cum seep out, but that can be faked.  I like it this way too, where the top pulls out, cums on the bottom's hole, and then uses his cock to push all the cum up the bottom's butt.  That cannot be faked.
2016-06-01 22:38