Rental Crush

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  • 09-23-2017
  • 44:56 min
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Categories: Amateur, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Anal Cream Pie, Oral, Deep throat, Brunette, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick

When Markie More booked his beach rental, he was looking for a nice, relaxing get-away, and figured the sun and the sand would do the trick. What he didn't count on was that the rental agent's son, Grayson Lange, would be stalking his every move, but when he hears the sound of his door opening and closing, Markie has a pretty good idea who is breaking in. Catching Grayson spying in the hallway, Markie tells him he can either rat him out and get his money back, or that he can just fuck Grayson's little ass hard. Grayson smiles at choice B, and that's the one Markie decides to pursue, as they kiss hard in the hallway before Markie shoves Grayson's head down to his waist. Grayson takes the cue and does the rest, removing Markie's shorts and downing his cock in one gulp, deep throating him as he begins to play with his hole. Markie grows hungry to have at Grayson, so he pulls him up and spins around, pushing him up against a wall and dropping to his knees to get a close look at Grayson's ass, tonguing the intruder's hole as he continues to stroke himself hard. Ready to fuck, Markie stands up and lifts Grayson into his arms, setting him down on his hard cock and fucking him raw against the wall. He pounds Grayson in the hallway before the move to the bedroom, where Grayson mounts Markie and gives him a ride. Markie lets Grayson bounce on his cock to his heart's content, and when Grayson has had his fill, Markie flips him onto his back and fucks the cum out him. Grayson spits his load onto his stomach as Markie gets closer and closer to busting his nut. He fucks Grayson hard and cums deep inside him, pulling his dick out and letting the cum spill out of Grayson in a messy conclusion to an eventful day. Some vacation indeed! Enjoy!

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OMG. Hotness levels hit record high. No words for this one. This one was at a whole new level. Markie is banging the bars quite high. Couldn't complete the scene in one go. Too much to take in!
2017-12-13 17:47
Hope  Grayson  will  be  a  regular  on  the  site , very  sexy  kid !  This  scene  had  me  so  hard ........ don't  know  if  it  was  the  age  difference , the  two  body  types  or  their  passion  but  I'm  ready  to  take  this  ride  again !  Awesome  flick !!
2017-12-01 21:04
Damn, Markie really loves to fuck twinks doesn't he? - let's see him do this much more! I've never seen him harder or more passionate, the standing fuck was amazing and he was in total control throughout. Of course he had a superb partner, Grayson is beautiful and really knows how to enjoy a good cock.  Simply terrific!
2017-10-20 10:09
Wow! Just wow! So passionate. So believable. Wonderful, wonderful scene. Grayson is fucking HOT and Markie was the perfect top for him! Well done. So glad I joined if this is the quality we're in for :D
2017-10-19 17:49
From the moment I heard this scene was shot I was expecting one of the Best this year! I was not disappointed Markie obviously likes twinks and Grayson will jump any hot jock or muscle guy he spies! Loved the domination by Markie he controlled and USED the lad which is the way it should be done!
2017-10-15 03:16

ND and Markie:  I've returned to NDR after ~8 months of way too much work/travel, and needed to visit to "take the pressure off."  I knew that I needed to return to NDR to see what's new.  Much is.  There has been a general website refresh--and renewed effort to make not just the site but actors seem revitalized.

1.  I really like that ND continues the ability to convert gift cards to days of access. Someone is a good thinker.

2.  I don't know Markie Moore's  role(s) at ND, but I'm glad that he's there.  I've never commented about grooming or looks for any actor, ever--I'm just happy that the actor share of themselves.  For you, Markie (you're definitely worth it), a couple of thoughts--but just that:  Maybe keep your sides trimmed closely, even closer than in Senator Secrets, allowing your hair to pile a little higher right in the front and sloped towards the back.  You're natural hair color is enviable and, well, hot. Glasses:  With your beautiful skin tone and hair color, if you want to wear glasses, possibly consider a light, copper-toned wired frame with rimless lenses.  The thicker black frames pull attention away from you.

3.  Oh, you have not only improved as an actor, Markie, but at having sex--if even possible.  Full meal deal.

Like what is happening at NDR!  Enjoyed seeing Grayson (just call him Dorian Gray, all man but how possibly still a boy!).  Also enjoyed watching a scene with "Cain" (yes, a different screen name, now).   "Cain, " please grow in you're incredibly delectable pubes and pits a bit.  You're black hair and beautiful skin tone would be better, more incredibly contrasted.  Maybe, just maybe, even a scene with Markie and "Cain" where both have adequate amounts of their hot, contrasting skin tones and natural hair colors in excellent contrast?  And, maybe, make it a flip-flop.  Wow!

2017-10-06 20:59
Damn.  Markie and Grayson were certainly feeling this scene.  They were all over each other.
2017-09-28 19:36
I can't even begin to describe how hot this was for me! I'm built like Grayson, but older...45. My dream is for a guy like Markie to do to me exactly what he did with Grayson....BRAVO!!!! Would LOVE to see more like this...thinner guys being bred by muscular guys.
2017-09-26 16:00
This was one of the best scenes of the year. It was so passionate and erotic. I could not control myself and lost my load before the end of the scene. Excellent work!
2017-09-26 15:46
Long time twink bottom Grayson brings his ass(et) to meet long time Next Door star Markie and his big dick.  The spectacular result is the bareback union of the hot twink ass with the huge cock.  After Markie breeds Grayson, the happy end result is a twink bottom full of Next Door cum.  Great scene.
2017-09-25 22:13
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