Shower Games

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  • 05-16-2018
  • 29:02 min
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Categories: Amateur, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Oral, Deep throat, Brunette, Hairy, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick

With roomie Mark Long taking a shower, Donte Thick decides now is the perfect time to make his move. Stealing his towel, Donte creeps around the corner and waits, as Mark comes out of the shower, bewildered, but naked and dripping wet. Donte confesses that he stole Mark's towel but tells him he had a reason. Mark asks him what is the reason is as he dries his face. Donte falls to his knees and quickly deep throats Mark's giant cock. Mark's eyes widen as he says 'Oh,' and Donte takes this as confirmation to keep going. He sucks Mark off until he's nice and hard, then is surprised when Mark throws him back up onto the bed and returns the favor. It seems Mark's been harboring the same urges for Donte, and as he plunges his rock hard cock deep into Donte's raw hole, he fulfill's a fantasy for both of them. He fucks Donte hard from behind, grabbing him by the waist and pulling him in closer as he thrusts his meaty cock deeper and deeper inside. Donte takes every push willingly, begging Mark to keep it up, but before Mark delivers on that promise, he wants to feel Donte inside of him, so he rolls Donte over and mounts him, sliding onto Donte's dick and riding it reverse as Donte watches Mark's ass bouncing up and down. Donte gives Mark a nice ride as Mark strokes himself off, and once he's had his fill, the dismounts and spreads Donte's legs wide open, slipping his dick inside and proceeds to pound Donte until he's ready to spit. He pulls out and coats the hole with his jizz as Donte strokes himself dry, shooting his load straight up and landing all over his stomach.


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I am so PROUD of Mark Long. He has come a long way. He is full service Mark Long now. Some ass eating would have been nice in this scene. Both models are good at it.
2018-05-18 11:18
OMG Donte's mannerisms were so Fem couldn't get through it.
2018-05-17 22:12
I love ❤️Donte and Mark.  I would have liked to have seen some kissing. Missed mark rimming donte.  I liked the scene overall.
2018-05-17 11:33
well maybe I saw a different movie than some guys above but Dante was pretty hard thru most of this movie and who wouldn't be getting serviced  by mark the God!  great video but would have loved some rimming by Mark since he's  so good at it! great ass eating of marks sweet clean hole!! Wish I could lick that!
2018-05-17 01:02
Mark Long is the best!
2018-05-17 00:15
Mark Long...he keeps me cumming back to this site.  He's definitely my favorite in every way.
2018-05-16 23:40
What a a total waste of Mark Long's fantastic  talents and blessings - as well as your member''s time have him paired Donte.  This dude can't even get his dick hard????   So, like of us hard-working  member's -  if we perform far less than the standards set for the position  we  were hired and expected to do  -  we're  fired.   I certainly don't want anyone to get fired, but  believe that we all  should do - what we were hired and are being paid to do.  Hopefully Donte will not only do so for his next scene,  as well his future ones, as he's a hot dude!  Sorry, Donte and NDS, but as you asked for comments - I just thought to express mine.
2018-05-16 23:11
Mark is so fucking hot!!!! He has a nice cock, and his ass is so sweet. I love  it when he gets fucked. Can we get some foot play? Like when mark gets fucked, they suck and lick in his toes. Or he can suck and luck their toes!!!!
2018-05-16 22:42
Love Donte's addition to this site. Great pairing. I know Mark is primarily G4P, and we all know it. First it was, Mark needs to kiss, and he does. Then Mark needs to suck dick, and he did/does. Mark needs to bottom and he now does, albeit occasionally. Now Mark needs to rim. You know for someone who used to be totally one sided, I think we should let Mark be Mark and leave him alone...or he will leave all together. He is far and beyond the most responsive of most G4P models out there and certainly better than others who were featured on this site in the past. If you don't like Mark Long scenes, don't press play.
2018-05-16 21:05
Enough of this reverse BULLSHIT.  I want to see Marks ass get FUCKED, on his knees riding or back arched doggy!!!!!
2018-05-16 17:30
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