Strange Breed

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  • 07-12-2017
  • 38:26 min
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With very specific instructions, Dante Martin unlocks the door, strips out of his clothes, blindfolds himself, and positions himself on the bed, ass up, to patiently wait for Daddy to come home. When he feels the reassuring touch of fingers massaging his hole, he instantly feels secure, but when the voice in his ear belongs to a stranger, he rips off the blindfold to see Michael Del Ray twirling his huge cock. Michael explains to Dante that Daddy wants Dante to be nice and broken in by the time he gets home, and Dante obliges his Daddy's wishes, allowing Micheal to have his way. On the plus side, Michael has the biggest dick Dante's every seen, and when Michael shoves it in raw, deep inside Dante's waiting hole, he realizes size really does make a difference. Michael pounds him all over the room, having his way with Dante's bubble butt and long dicking him good and proper. Dante loses his load as Michael continues to pound away, and Dante begs him for a nice breeding. Michael responds by unleashing his load deep inside Dante's hole, pulling out to watch spill on the bed beneath them. And with a smack on the ass, Michael tells Dante to wait for Daddy to get home, and then vanishes, never to be seen by Dante again. Enjoy!

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Mike is one of the hottest men I have ever seen.  Keep him cumming!
2017-08-10 20:36
Michael did great!   Appears Dante's interest in porn is flagging, along with wood issues.    Maybe he should take a break?
2017-07-26 12:06
Michael del Rey is definitely one of my top models to watch. This was another amazing scene from him. There was honestly terrific acting and vocalizing from both guys here. The end could have been slightly better, though I don't really have strong feelings about Dante in general. It would have been nice to see cum in some form from MDR but obviously it's left up to chance a) how big his load is and b) how tightly/quickly Dante's ass contracts after Mike pulls out, so there's no real way to exert control over those variables. I guess maybe this means I don't prefer breeding scenes in general, but I don't mind them once in a while.
2017-07-18 00:43

Two of the sexiest models on this  site (if not all sites) in one scene. Michael Del Ray  is hot. His voice is so sexy. I have always LOVED Dante. Good work!

2017-07-15 13:49
Will add to favorite list.  Two nice bodies big dicks , deep throats,  no ink and raw.  How about a part two!  Dante was hard  at the start but relaxed during the fucking. These two could do me any time.  RE: sound:  Turn it up, most scenes  and interviews  you can't hear the pillow talk or anything but  the moaning.  How about it Martin  tweak the audio.  Thanks for letting me vent.
2017-07-15 06:48
HOT scene! I love both models!
2017-07-14 06:09
Fix the god damn sound issues with your videos!
2017-07-12 20:00
ADMIN - Thanks for your feedback, could you be more specific as to the sound issues you're hearing in this video? - Martin
2017-07-13 14:16
Michael delray has never stopped surprising me. I would love to hook up with him.
2017-07-12 13:18
The sub title of this video for me is "When two bottoms get together."  Neither model is my type but I appreciate them stripping down and getting it on raw!  Someone loves one or both of these guys.
2017-07-01 00:07
Dante's wood problems continue.
2017-06-21 23:25
Yes, I have noticed this as well. When porn stars start to lose their ZEST or interest in working in the porn industry they should hang up the jockstraps. Dante has looked very mechanical and his sensuality forced and inauthentic in his last few scenes. Not the Dante of old. The limp DICK is becoming problematic.
2017-07-12 00:50
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