Summer Time Flings

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  • 01-06-2018
  • 32:14 min
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Categories: Hardcore, Anal Sex, Oral, Deep throat, Brunette, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick, Masturbation, Ass Play

As the sun begins to set on one of the last days of Indian Summer, Danny Gunn asks buddy Johnny Riley if he's ever had a sexual experience with another man. Johnny tells him he'd have to be pretty drunk to even consider it, and Danny tells him he's thinking about it all wrong. Danny tells him how good it can be when a real cocksucker does his thing, and asks Johnny when the last time he got a blowjob was. Johnny admits it's been quite a while, and Danny tells him maybe it's about time to change that. With that, the two guys make their way inside and Danny proceeds to prove his claims as he deep throats Johnny's hard on. Johnny moans with pleasure as Danny services his cock, and when Danny decides to slide himself into Johnny's raw hole, Johnny discovers what he's been missing. Danny fucks Johnny's virgin ass hard, showing him all the tricks of the trade. Johnny's worked up quite a sweat, and his rock hard dick tells Danny he's doing something right. Danny picks up the pace as Johnny loses his load all over himself, which is Danny's cue to bust his nut. He does so, all over Johnny, and as Johnny lay there cum covered and proven wrong, he wonders what other secrets Danny can share with him.Enjoy!

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Excellent and, for once, believable scene. Just four minor complaints, otherwise it would have been perfection. 1, as previously mentioned, the smoking. 2, Danny's absurd briefs which almost made me turn the scene off right there. 3, Johnny's acne, which admittedly isn't as bad as some models'. 4, IMHO smaller guys -- in both frame and cock size -- should bottom. That said, Danny is enthusiastic and Johnny clearly a born bottom. Still, pity you couldn't slap Johnny's dick on Danny through video magic, lol
2018-09-04 21:21
Johnny is really hot. He loves to bottom and is great at it, but he's a really good top, too!  Danny filled his hole for him and he seemed to like it!
2018-06-03 14:43
Just rewatched  this scene and it was even better than the first time.  Danny brings out the best in all his partners.   MUCH MORE of Danny.  Johnny is great and versatile  but I thing he is a better bottom and really enjoys  it.  Love the cum swap and the passion.     Keep these type coming  ND.  Thanks
2018-01-15 08:03
One of the BEST scenes in the past year at NDS, but the cigarette smoking at the beginning was GROSS!!
2018-01-12 10:25
Great scene!  Could do without the smoking at the beginning, but once the sex got going, wow! If you can ignore ugly tattoos, especially on Danny, this was very enjoyable to watch.  Johnny's cum shot nearly hit his own chin, and Danny licking up Johnny's cum and then feeding it into Johnny's mouth was really hot.
2018-01-10 22:24
99 likes so far and zero dislikes! That's how you do a scene. Awesome job on both guys. I will agree, the smoking was not essential and was an initial turn off. By far one of, if not the best for Next Door!
2018-01-08 22:43
The vote was up to 115 to 1 when I watched the video.  Well done!
2018-01-10 22:18
Who is the one dislike? Must have REALLY hated the smoking :)
2018-01-12 12:16
I jut want to see more scenes with Danny topping. He is so hot.. Johnny is also one of my favorites but I prefer when he tops  Nice guys.
2018-01-07 11:06
This was a really hot video, but the smoking at the beginning was a sure turn off.
2018-01-07 00:38
It's impossible for Danny to be anything but sexy.  Hope to see more of him on ND.  Don't forget he's a stellar bottom too.  I'm still so happy about Johnny's porn return.  He loves sex and it shows.  This pairing was great from beginning to end.  The sex felt real, not staged.  The connection was there and the intensity was electric.
2018-01-06 17:48
I have nutted twice and still can't get through the entire video. This is VINTAGE Nextdoorstudios which makes it the best gay porn site on the net. Two handsome masculine men making love. Johnny is sensational and his body is beyond perfection. Danny Gunn is HOT and a total tease and seducer. I will try to watch this flick for a third time and try to make it through the whole scene before having an orgasm. I doubt I will be successful. Rocco is on top of his game with these camera angles during the oral and fucking. One of the best scenes shot in a long while here at NDS. Absolutely BRILLIANT artistry. Oh.........and answering everyone's request to return to ass eating is such a delight. PERFECT!!
2018-01-06 11:31
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