Sunny Bums

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  • 12-02-2017
  • 29:01 min
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Categories: Hardcore, Anal Sex, Oral, Deep throat, Brunette, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick, Masturbation, Athletic

As Logan Cross suns himself by the pool, his brother's friend, Steve Rogers, pays a visit. Logan tells him his brother will be gone for a while and Steve decides to wait for him as Logan continues to catch some rays. Steve tries hard not to stare at Logan's toned and tanned little ass but it's hard not to, and when Logan notices the bulge in Steve's shorts, he suggests they wait inside. Steve agrees and in no time, Logan is indulging in one of his wildest fantasies. Having long dreamed of hooking up with Steve, Logan realizes the fantasy pales to reality as he goes deep on Steve's fat cock, slobbering all over it as he plays with himself. Steve is rock hard and ready to pound, so Logan mounts him as Steve holds him close, slipping his raw cock all the way into Logan, kissing him passionately before pushing him back and fucking him harder than he's ever had it before. He lets Logan have a nice long ride before flipping him over onto his back and pounding the nut out him. Logan shoots his load all over himself as Steve continues his thrusting, pulling out just in time to blast Logan's sun drenched bum with a healthy load of straight boy cum.Enjoy!

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if only Logan was dripping of pre-cum... HOT!!!!!!
think on it! kjb npb 
2017-12-08 01:05
You can go to sites and see only twink on twink or muscle guy on muscle guy, but sometimes the contrast of pairing a twink with a muscle guy just for a better pairing and better sex.  In this scene between Logan and Steve and the preceding scene between Grayson Lange and Johnny Hill, we saw two hot handsome twink bottoms with absolutely beautiful bodies unmarred by tattoos take on two muscular built tattooed tops.  Result:  smoking hot and ever better sex.  Keep up the great work with pairings like this one and the preceding one.
2017-12-06 23:00
This is exactly why NDS is awesome
2017-12-07 16:21
NDS, Martin, Rocco what is this turn toward skinny, girly, sissie, twinks? There are sites that are totally geared toward this type of model. NDS foundation was built on REAL men that love to have sex with REAL MEN. This run with FEMS in our videos is a turn off. BTW where are the guys like Derrick Dime, Jake Davis, and Damien Michaels?
2017-12-05 09:19
Why all the unpleasant, outdated terminology? A very sad reflection of some attitudes that still plague the gay community. Logan is a stunning  guy by any standard and is more than welcome in 'our' videos.
2017-12-06 07:34
Rocco you do NO justice in shooting Steve's body. He is an ADONIS and we can't see it. He needs to be filmed from head to toe during these scenes. WTF? I want to see what Steve's body looks like up close. SHIT!!! Where are the ass shots, legs, feet, neck, etc? How can fantasies be fulfilled if we can not see Steve's body being worshiped? DAMN!!!
2017-12-04 03:16
want to see more rough sex from Steve Rogers. He's such a great top!
2017-12-04 00:01
I think Steve Rogers is a knockout. I hope that he continues to do  oral. Haven't seen him do that in a few more recent updates. He really works up a sweat. Like to see him in more Man on Man scenes really.
2017-12-03 19:14
I love seeing a pretty boy like Logan Cross skewered by a massive muscular man like Steve Rogers ...... delicious!
2017-12-03 08:46
What a great disappointment!!!   Steve Rogers is one of hottest and sexiest porn models in gay porn today.  In his past scenes  with NDS - his performance made me , and I'm sure the great majority of your members want  to see more and more of his  great  passion for  kissing, sucking cock and whatever else he did.  His past hot performances -  combined with his great smile, fantastic body and so on.  So, for whatever reason - you put him a scene with a fem twink (bad mistake)  and to combine this mistake - a scene where he displayed no passion - kissing - cock sucking (all of which he's so great at doing) . In short, this scene deprived the members of any possible fantasy Steve Rogers can so wonderfully provide.  And, all the reasons why we members should seriously cancelling our membership with NDS if this crap continues.
2017-12-02 21:54
Completely agree. What a waste of Steve FLESH!!!
2017-12-03 05:27
I forgot to mention, not only does Steve's dick look bigger in this scene, his muscles are popping.  Whatever he's doing, I hope he keeps at it.
2017-12-02 21:48
Logan is a great bottom, and Steve was loving every minute of this scene.  I hope you gave him some Gatorade after this shoot because I'm sure he worked up a sweat!  This for sure needed to be a scene where Steve is back to kissing, sucking and rimming.  I say bring them back for another installment of "Open Relationship."  That would be killer.
2017-12-02 21:42
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