Taking His First Dick

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  • 06-15-2016
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With the sun beating down on him and the long day of work taking its toll, Mark Long takes five to go take a leak behind the barn, but figures that, while he's there, he may as well rub one out and get back to work, so he dials up some eye candy on his phone and begins to go to town, unaware that property owner Markie More is just around the corner looking for him.

Markie happens across Mark leaning and jerking, and commences to spy on him, rubbing his own cock in eager approval as he watches Mark play with his giant 8 inch cock. Sneaking up on him, Markie busts him in the act, and asks him what he's doing. Mark has no real excuse, and is embarrassed at first, but then realizes Markie is pretty pissed that he's wasting time on the job, asking Mark what he intends to do to make it up to him.

Mark is fresh out of ideas, but luckily Markie has one floating around in his head, as he reaches out for Mark's dick, which clearly takes Mark by surprise, but he's kind of out of options here, as Markie leads him back to the main house.

Once inside, Markie undresses his hired hand, who is clearly nervous. Mark tells him that he's never done this before, and Markie assures him it will be fine, as he starts to move his way down Mark's body with his mouth, stopping as he removes Mark's jeans and resuming as he begins to suck Mark off. Mark throws his head back against the sofa as Markie give him head, and his hard on reaches maximum density as Markie makes his way back up Mark's body.

Unzipping his own pants, Markie gives Mark a look that he doesn't understand, and so Markie clarifies that Mark's overtime hour starts now, shoving his dick inside the newbies mouth as Mark learns on the fly how to give a blowjob. He must be doing a fine job because Markie is hard as a rock moments later, as Mark works his shaft and balls with his tongue.

Next, Markie hoists Mark's legs into the air, tonguing his asshole as he strokes his cock in anticipation. Mark asks him what he has in mind and Markie lets him know with a look, as he slides his raw dick inside Mark's virgin hole, slowly slipping it all the way in.

Mark feels the burn for a second and then as Markie slowly works it, begins to feel pleasure. Markie works his tempo up faster and faster, fucking Mark hard from behind and then flipping him over and pounding him missionary as Mark strokes his cock. Markie pounds him all over his living room before Mark finally spits onto his stomach, just as Markie pulls out and blasts his hole with his load, shoving his cock back inside to continue Mark's act of repayment as Mark suspiciously resists less and less to the 'punishment'.


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Mark is totally all that!
2017-02-15 23:33
Wow no one has commented on this in eight months.....so I will be the first.....who could guess that these two great actors having worked together before.....Now Mark's first try at bottoming.....He appears to be very straight acting, but seems to take it well, and RAW from Markie More.....Now BOTH are nominated for the MR. NEXT DOOR 2017..... It will be a close race with Markie,  Mark (no pun intended) and Quentin.....Hey  ADMIN......An idea.....A three way. in the gym with MARKIE MORE, QUENTIN GAINZ,  and MARK LONG on NEXT DOOR RAW.....thanks for listening
2017-02-12 05:24
I liked it. this scene feels authentic, like it really was Mark's first time bottoming and Markie was taking it easy on him. Hot.
2016-10-01 09:56
I am really tired of the whole "straight" schtick in these videos!  The "don't tell my wife/girlfriend" bit is annoying.    I ask again, are there any gay guys in gay porn anymore?
2016-07-11 14:47
There are definitely gay men in gay porn BUT it seems like NDS like a lot of gay porn studios like to play up the straight fantasy which is a shame. We are in 2016, why can the gay porn models just be GAY. Why is it taboo to be GAY in GAY PORN. It makes no sense. None of these guys are 100% straight plenty of them will say they just do it for cash but that is BS. They do gay porn as a way to explore their sexuality because they are SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO OTHER MEN. Why is it so hard to admit same sex attraction? Why is it so hard for these MEN to admit yes I love the money but I also love cock? Come on man. So many ways to make money than doing gay porn. Just admit you like dick like the rest of us.
2016-07-12 16:16
Good for Mark Long for bottoming, but he could have been more enthusiastic and vocal about it.  I hope he bottoms again, but with a more aggressive  top that gives him a big facial and then makes  him clean the cum off of his cock.
2016-07-02 11:11
Exactly there was NO EXCITEMENT to this video both Markie More and Mark Long looked like they were going through the motions. Not sure if it was due to the director or what. But please give me a break we all know Mark Long has taken dick off screen up his ass off screen LOL! Next time Mark Long needs to show us  he is a power bottom who takes big dick. Some ENTHUSIASM by Mark next time would help and more MASCULINE TOP is definitely needed. I know Markie is the go to guy for NDS but there is something called VARIETY.  There was no chemistry here there needed to be a strong masculine top who can take control of the situation and get a better performance out of the bottom.
2016-07-04 00:01
2016-07-12 04:52
2016-06-26 18:26
Love watching Mark get fucked but once again using the same mediocre top of Markie was a big mistake.  Derrick Dime, Johnny Torque would have been way better.  A flip flop pairing of Derrick Dime/Mark Long or Derrick Dime/Johnny or Mark Long/Johnny would be so explosive and hot but once again Rocco missed the boat.  And there are so few close up shots of penetration and i felt cheated.  Betting lighting and more close ups or even shots of penetration would have been better.....
2016-06-20 18:09
Seeing Mark Long get Fuck was AWESOME !!!!!!    Hope to see more of him getting fucked. More Versatile movies or bottom movies with Mark Long.  PLEASE !!!!!!!!    Woof !!!    Arooooooooooooooooooooooooo my horny mating call.
2016-06-18 00:51
Markie  is such a girlie  top. Would never imagine him fucking Mark. He is a definite bottom boy. Mark needs to grow his hair and get some color   He's way to old for that washed waife look
2016-06-17 19:42
Markie makes a terrible top. You need some one that knows how to fuck ass. Derrick Dime would have been my choice and have them flip fuck each other. Maybe even  bring in Arad to take turns on each of them
2016-06-17 15:17
I agree I felt Markie was out of his element NDS needs a guy who is really masculine and tough to be a top. Markie was too gentle with Mark Long and the fucking was seemed very nervous and lame not pleasureable or sexual.
2016-06-18 21:05
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