The Best Cheap Massage

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  • 03-10-2018
  • 46:15 min
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Categories: Blonde, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Oral, Deep throat, Brunette, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick, Athletic

Newbie Colton Cain hasn't had too many happy ending massages, so when he sits up from Leo Luckett's table and finds Leo naked and hard as a rock, he's a little shocked. Leo assures him this is all standard, and for $60 Colton concedes Leo's pricing is hard to beat. So he relents, letting Leo do what he does, and from there Leo takes over. Having already rubbed Colton from head to toe, Leo begins to focus his efforts on Colton's hardest area, as he works Colton's cock with his mouth. Colton immediately begins to feel the tension easing, but in order for a full release, he'll need to do some deep intensive work with Leo. Leo is down for it and bends over as Colton pokes and prods, fucking Leo hard on the massage table. Leo strokes himself off as Colton raw dogs him from behind, fucking the cum out of Leo before pulling out and dropping his load all over ass freshly fucked hole in front of him. He coats Leo with a sweet and sweaty release, and Leo smiles at the thought of another satisfied customer, certain that Colton will soon be back for yet another booking.Enjoy!

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I really loved this scene. The rimming! Colton's hairy ass and hole! The humorous reaction when Colton sees Leo naked and thinks Leo had been fingering his
asshole; Leo used his tongue wisely - Colton's ass is so rimmable! Loved the fucking, too! 
I just wish when Leo massaged Colton's feet, he sucked on his toes! Colton is my new heartthrob on NDS!
2019-03-03 13:25
I think Colton would look best with his feet in the air  :)
2018-06-03 08:26
Who wouldn't want to get fucked by Colton. Leo & Colton are so hot together
2018-04-25 10:28
Colton has a nice bubble ass. Can't wait for his first bottom scene. Leo is gorgeous and his dick is to DIE for. This scene was good. Would have been superb with intimate kissing.
2018-04-24 11:38
He should bottom
2018-04-18 15:23
Bring Colton back  flip-flop with Tyler
2018-03-26 18:56
Despite the fact that Leo's massage techniques leave much to be desired;  I love this scene. Colton's realization that Leo's naked and hard.....and Leo's line "I've been licking your ass for 5 min" is priceless and Coltan's response "I thought it was your finger."  Too much.  Good as munching and good reciprocation and interaction. I was laughing at the beginning and getting hot at the end. It was a pretty good scene despite the inconsistencies.
2018-03-26 17:52
Need massage techniques instruction!!! All wrong on every scene!!! XOXO... kjb npb
PRE-CUM ???!
2018-03-19 01:04
The rimming and the ball sucking were super hot!
2018-03-13 04:16
Awesome fuck  scenes! Very sensual! Would have love to see him being fucked as he was picked up and held! Pics are there so where the video? Otherwise nice job! Would have also loved to see his cock go in the hole he licked and got so ready!
2018-03-12 00:06
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