The Kiss

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  • 02-20-2019
  • 33:45 min
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Categories: Amateur, Anal Sex, Oral, Deep throat, Brunette, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Gay Porn, Caucasian, Muscular

It all starts with a kiss, the soft caress of your lover's lips, giving way to stronger urges, moving you to embrace your passion and indulge in your fantasy. For Dante Colle and Carter Woods, that urge has overtaken them, as they writhe together in a naked frenzy of skin and sweat on the sofa. Dante looks deep into Carter's eyes as the two of them connect on physical and emotional levels, satisfying each other's every carnal whim as they fearlessly engage in their passion for one another, reaching climax together and falling back into each other to do it all over again. All sparked by a simple kiss. Enjoy!

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Love this scene, Carter really seems to enjoy his awesome nipples being nursed. Keep adding nippleplay to more scenes!
2019-05-16 16:00
awesome.. you are the best!!! Thanks... looking for some PRE-Cum!!!
kjb npb
2019-04-02 21:18
Wow commented earlier on another film the kissing alone almost made me cum. These two kissing I did cum. Wow. Amazing scene. More kissing action in all your films. Porn is so boring when you feel like the guys are struggling to get into it. When they are kissing this passionately it shows they are into it. Loved this film.
2019-03-17 16:01
Thank you!! I've been dying for this pairing and its so hot! the chemistry between them made me hard so fast. These two need to be a regular thing....
2019-02-23 06:42
WONDERFUL scene!! The kissing is OUTSTANDING! I have to apologize to Dante, I've really questioned lately, if he really has feelings for men in his gay scenes, but I really couldn't ask for a better performance with a man than this scene.
2019-02-23 03:15
One of NDS" Best and All-Time Hottest Videos Ever - in every possible way!  Totally love every inch of Carter and Dante is close.
2019-02-21 14:19
I hope some day see Carter open his mouth and eat all the studio cum !
Carter eat cum is amazing!!!!
2019-02-21 10:26
All that kissing is a huge improvement, especially because it is not that fake "too much tongue" kissing so prevalent in porn. More vids like this please.
2019-02-21 08:06
Best scene, so long from Carter because he is much more involved in the fucking of his partner and showing more intimacy. He should also sometimes rim the ass.
2019-02-21 00:25
I would like a scene with Cater Woods getting his ass fucked really good, good angles etc.  Not just this  flipping thing!!
2019-02-20 23:44
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