Urgent Urges

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  • 06-27-2018
  • 44:12 min
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Categories: Amateur, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Ass to mouth, Oral, Deep throat, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick, Ass Play

When buddy Johnny Hill busts into his place begging for help, the last thing Markie More expects is for Johnny to ask to get fucked, but for whatever reason, that's the case, and now Markie is faced with the prospect of acting on an urge he's harbored for quite some time. He's secretly wanted to show Johnny the ropes, but was always convinced his straight friend would never come around. But this is why you should never say never, as now Johnny finds himself at Markie's mercy, asking Markie to have his way with him, which Markie gladly abides. He fucks Johnny all over his bed, in every position he desires, until Johnny is ready to spit his load. When he does, Markie smiles as Johnny unleashes his first gay nut, and by the time Markie empties himself into Johnny's hole, his friend has become a full convert. Looks like this won't be the last time the two of them enjoy a little private time.Enjoy!

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I'd like to see Markie  fuck Johnny's earlobe.
2018-09-30 11:48
Perfect match! Both hung and hard and eager to fuck!
2018-09-11 23:35
Anything with Markie Moore is cause to celebrate.
2018-08-31 01:09
FINALLY Johnny gets his cherry popped. Great scene with great chemistry and a fantastic flip scene. Nothing to complain about here.
2018-07-24 21:21
Am a new member of NDS and, of course, I'm here for the men (Derrick Dime, Ryan Jordan and Princeton Price - together, again and again and again, Mark Long and now... Johnny Hill!). I joined for the men but I stay for the rimming. This is a great scene with both performers very convincing and seeming to enjoy themselves and each other. Could I have more of Mr. Hill's glorious ass being eaten, tongued and worshipped? Please, pretty please? Oh,... and more mutual rimming in your scenes. Thanks.
2018-07-07 23:58
and by the way, youins r the best on the market!
2018-07-05 23:45
cheap set... put some live plants ( from California) ha... on the set.. xo
kjb npb
2018-07-05 23:43
Congrats to Johnny for giving up his virgin ass for our viewing pleasure.  It's always a nice change to watch a long time gay porn star top "expand his boundaries" and give up his anal cherry.  Johnny gave Markie a pretty good fuck before Markie did a flip flop to take Johnny's virgin butt and then bred him for good measure.  I think that porn stars should try to look as young as possible for the sake of their longevity in doing porn.  In that regard, I think that Markie should continue to wear glasses in his scenes as they give him a cerebral college student like younger look, and Johnny should shave off his beard as it makes him look older than he is.
2018-06-30 23:40
Markie is spectacular as always.  All time favorite of mine.  The cornerstone of NDS. And that's say something when you consider Quentin.  Love him too.  Johnny is fast becoming one of the greats.  I'd love to find him atop me.  What a dream come true that would be.   More of him please.
2018-06-30 14:51
OMG this is so hot. The editing, camera angles and lighting, all captured Markie More's and Johnny Hill's super sexy performance. The intimacy between them, topped off with Johnny's little quip at the end, playing on Markie's name, was too adorable. Feel free to use this video as a standard your production team should follow moving forward. Good job NDS.  Keep it up! And I do mean up. ;-)
2018-06-28 00:18
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