We Fucked Your Brother

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  • 01-20-2018
  • 31:41 min
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When Scott Finn shows up at his older brother's apartment, he's greeted by his brother's roommates, Donte Thick and boyfriend Chad Piper. The two of them quickly realize that Scott is the spitting (or maybe the swallowing) image of his brother, so the guys can't help but wonder if he's as kinky and cock hungry as his brother, too. Scott quickly reveals that he is, and Donte gets a look in his eye that Chad understands all too well. In no time, the three of them are engaged on the bed, each sucking the other off in a dick sucking triangle of lust. Donte gets Scott nice and hard and then bends his little ass over, plunging his raw cock deep inside his roomie's brother. Scott takes the dick willingly, and Donte fucks him hard from behind while he chokes on Chad's thick pipe. Having had his fill, they switch, and dirty Donte positions himself in the middle as boyfriend Chad gives him his meat, pounding him while Scott gags him on the other end with his rock hard cock. Scott's about to burst, so they switch one last time, and Scott begins to plow Donte. He shows he's just as good at giving as he is receiving, pulling out and blasting Donte's bubble butt with his nut, coating Donte with a huge load. Chad follows suit, giving Donte a nice facial as Donte licks up every drop. Turning over onto his back, Donte jacks his load all over himself as Chad and Scott look on, and with Donte now thoroughly covered in cum, Chad, and Donte realize that good fucking runs in Scott's family. Enjoy!

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More of Scott Finn as a top please!!!!!! I love the last part when Chad and Scott fuckes Donte
2018-07-05 17:33
Adm. hope you consider making a video with Donte Thick and Dante Martin......they are both very HUNG,  love those big dicked studs !!!!!
2018-04-02 14:33
My compliments for bringing us those hot guys as Donte Thick, he is so hung as a HORSE !!  love Donte is body, hairy chest, man nipples are so hot and last but not least his cock is so HUGE !!!!  Chad Piper and Scott are also good cocksuckers, they know how to handle that huge shaft of Donte Thick with no problem at all...
2018-04-02 14:29
Great three way!  Scott has a hot little ass, and in this scene we get to see him both bottom and top.  Always hot Chad fucks Donte, sucks and gets sucked a lot.  Donte wins the bottoming award taking the cocks of both Chad and Scott, following Donte leading off the fucking by topping Scott.  All three guys have great bods, and Scott and Chad are super attractive and hot.  Donte has a good bod, but, if he could only shave off all that facial hair, he would look younger and hotter.
2018-01-20 22:25
Donte, Dante Martin, and Orlando Fox need to have a threesome where each of them gets fucked and bred.
2018-01-20 16:16
I fully agree with you, Donte Thick and Markie  More are so hung as a horse,  those big dicked studs want to see soon sucking each others off !!
2018-04-02 14:30
Seriously? You have drug addicts among your "stars"? It did not go unnoticed that the older brother who came home had a scab over his jugular vein...a common sign of injection drug users. Lame. Do not renew my membership. 
2018-01-20 14:12
Drugs?"... That's the only reason for scare on his neck?   Seems like it could be other than drugs.  Must we always jump to the most negative conclusion?
2018-04-15 18:57
Dante is quite the sex pig and seems to really enjoy rough sex.....lets hope that a rough sex video is in his future.
2018-01-20 09:49
Donte drove this scene-totally uninhibited whether sucking, lifting Scott's leg to fuck him and play with his  dick and then offering up that bodacious ass and taking two cocks. His ravings underlined the hot sex on the screen and tied it together by constantly comparing the similarity of the brothers when fucking him.
2018-01-21 14:56
Too bad, no rimming.  At least there was a little ATM.
2018-01-20 09:18
I always enjoy a scene with Scott.   I love Dante's hairy chest and love for cock but that hair needs to go!
2018-01-20 08:48
Oh my - Scott Finn is turning into one of my faves.  He's so sexy and I loved seeing him top some in this scene. More scott!!  
2018-01-20 06:58
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