Pipe Cleaner

  • 06-16-2018 |
  • 10332
Featuring Dante Martin, Mathias
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To say that Mathias is an uncooperative roommate would be an understatement, as Dante Martin is just now realizing. Trying to clean for his party later that evening, Dante doesn't mind that Mathias isn't really helping, but it seems like he's going out of his way get in the way, and Dante wonders what the fuck Mathias' problem is. Turns out, Mathias doesn't want to wait to party, and when he looks him deep in the eyes, suddenly Dante realizes what's really on Mathias' mind. He pulls him in closer and the two of them kiss, as they both hurry out of their clothes. Mathias shoves Dante to his knees and feeds him his cock, as Dante deep throats it and strokes himself off. Once Mathias has had his fill, he throws Dante onto the sofa and eats his ass, tongue fucking his hole before standing up and stroking his cock, then sliding it deep inside Dante. Dante takes it willingly as Mathias fucks him doggy-style, pounding Dante's perfect ass from behind, then letting him get on board for a nice reverse ride. Dante grinds on Mathias' cock as his own dick bounces up and down against his stomach. Mathias is getting closer to cumming so he throws Dante on his back and pumps him a minute longer before pulling out and blasting Dante with his load. Mathias shoves his messy cock back inside Dante as Dante explodes, losing his nut all over himself, making a new mess. This time, at least, Mathias tells him he'll help with the clean up.Enjoy!

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Let's Put the Next Door back in NextDoor!
Once in a blue full moon of about a hundred gay asses, a slut comes along who just takes cock into his mouth and shithole-turned-love canal like God designed him to be a slut. Dante is such a slut. He enters into the shameless hall of infamy for his service to, quite literally, mankind. Crown him the current Slut of Sluts. Thank God for Dante.
2020-01-21 06:13
Dante is just too shaved smooth for me
2019-07-15 16:43
I wanna see Mathias cum inside guys more, in their mouths or asses.
2018-08-09 23:57
This scene did not disappoint. As I said before, excellent pairing.
2018-06-18 13:20
Well matched pairing.  Dante really enjoyed his fuck by Mathias as shown by that geyser of cum he shot up into the air.
2018-06-16 22:43
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