You Owe Me

  • 01-15-2020 |
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When he returns home from his business trip to find his place thrashed, Donte Thick is none too happy with house-sitter Carter Woods. Pissed and venting, Donte tells Carter he's gonna have to owe him, and Donte has a particular favor in mind when he says it. Carter may be shitty at keeping house but he's pure aces when it comes to keeping a man happy, and he turns on his talents for Donte, easing his tension and anger with a little oral relief before giving him a 'hole' lotta love. By the time he's through, it's Donte making a mess of things, and with a lick of his lips, Carter's debt is paid in full... at least until the next time.Enjoy!

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Donte Thick is a blessing on Nextdoor. One of the rare who didn't panic when a teen and saw hairs growing on some areas on his body.
And , being happy of this, he decided to let them grow. Great Great Gtrae !!!! Bravo and thanks Donte. I love you. You are a beautiful man
and ten times more attractive, sensual, male and sexually exciting with your hairs. I'm hairy men addicted and you are just hairy enough.
Even a little more would be okay. I'm not bear addicted but hairy like that guy is my best. Hope he will not fall in this mode to scrape ( scrap )
this wonderful body like do, alas 90% and more of men on this site and other gay sites too. If a man want to be different, just let grow your hairs
and you will be in the very small minority of men; others, all shaved and trimmed look all the same.... IT,s my opinion and I'm proud of.
But I respect all the gays who like better shaved and trimmed models. All tastes are in the nature but hairs lovers aren't well served on ALL sites
for gay people on the NET. I have been member of at least 100 gay sites and except bears sites, hard to find natural men and lightly hairy guys.
Thanks again Donté and all other hairy guys on this site. I found about 20 on more than 1000 models. Where is the roblem.
Don't answer that I'M THE PROBLEM ! lol lol lol
2020-06-02 20:19
Carter is the reason why I’m sign up for, this sexy kitty cat, he knows how to please his owner, นางแมวตัวนี้อ้อนโคตรเก่ง ถึงแม้ว่าหล่อนจะมีสัญชาติญาณนักล่า แต่จริงๆ หล่อนก็อ้อนเก่ง และก็แสดงลีลายั่วสวาท ได้ดีเยี่ยม นางแมวลายเสือตัวนี้ Glad to have him back
2020-03-19 11:17
Two of the hottest guys on NDS.  Love both these guys.  I have liked Carter's red hair and now I like his beautiful hairy ass.  Don't like Donte's haircut, but he is so sexy and has such a beautiful dick.  And he love's to suck dick and I love to watch him sucking dick.  He does it so perfectly.
2020-02-10 16:20
Make up way too pink!
2020-02-03 06:21
This is HOT as FUCK!!  The foreplay and seduction was so fucking HOT I almost nutted before any clothes came off. OMG!!  Love Carter and Donte together. PLEASE MORE!!
2020-01-23 18:33
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